You’re ACE: How our customers #ACEit every day!

25/03/2019 - ACE News

With the Spring Equinox last week, some of you will be starting to think about when to do the big spring clean! Our followers are always sharing ways to #ACEit, so we’re passing on the message to help you get your home and laundry ready for springtime.

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ACE for Colours

The 8+ system in ACE for Colours means it’s great at removing stains like food, mud, cosmetics – and even body soils! To keep your coloured clothes bright and stain free, add a capful of ACE for Colours to every wash. The colour protection system prevents colours from bleeding or transferring, so you can be sure your colourful spring wardrobe will stay bright all the way through summer too!

Here’s what some of our followers think:

  • Deanie Gillies, Facebook – “It never lets me down with removing fake tan stains out of my teenager’s bedding.”
  • Jacqueline Roberts, Twitter – “ I love the fact I don’t have to panic after Sunday league football, as I know ACE will do the job in one go.”
  • @annalb83, Instagram – “I use ACE for Colours to get the grass and mud stains out of my little one’s clothes.”
  • @auriannas_adventures – “I cannot recommend ACE for Colours enough. So far it’s removed paint, sauce stains, mud and pen!”

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ACE for Whites

We recommend using ACE for Whites in every white wash to stop the build-up of dingy dirt, and to keep your white items bright for longer! Add a capful in the c/l compartment of the washing machine or, if you’re starting the wash straight away, add a capful straight into the wash in a dosing ball. For extra stain removal power, soak white items in a bowl of water with a capful of ACE for Whites.

Here’s what some of our lovely customers had to say:

  • Emma Jessop, Facebook – “I love how my boy’s socks actually stay white with ACE.”
  • @katycaps, Instagram – “We use ACE in every wash. Brilliant stuff. Nothing brings up my baby whites like it.”
  • Joan Martin, Twitter – “ACE is brilliant to get whites bright! For stains, and in every wash, it’s one of those ‘must have’ items in the house.”
  • @famstephens, Instagram – “I have three small children, without ACE their clothes would have been stained beyond repair ages ago, and whites wouldn’t look anything that resembles clean.”

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ACE Stain Remover Spray

Are your kids forever returning from nursery, school or their friend’s house with a plethora of unknown stains on their clothes? The ACE Stain Remover spray can be used as a pre-treatment for extra stain removal power. Simply spray directly onto the stain, leave it to work for up to an hour, then pop the item in the wash with a capful of ACE for Colours. Not only can ACE Stain Remover be used on clothes, it’s great for around the house too! Here’s what some of our customers think, and their tips on how they use it:

  • @mariesmith91, Instagram – “I use ACE for almost everything! My favourite is the Stain Remover spray which I use on my oven trays and pans to remove any built-up grease! It works a treat.”
  • Elaine Shaw, Twitter – “Your Stain Remover spray is fab, it’s perfect for cleaning rugs.”
  • Hannah, Twitter – “ACE Stain Remover has saved countless school t-shirts from the bin after my five year old has enjoyed getting creative at school.”
  • Menna Jane Bowen, Facebook – “Gorgeous scent and great for removing the billions of stains the kids get.”

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ACE Power Mousse

Combining the power of bleach with the stain removal technology of ACE in a handy spray bottle, ACE Power Mousse is the all-round product that everyone needs in their home. Use it as a pre-treatment for tough stains on white clothes by spraying directly onto the stain, leaving it to work for up to an hour, and then popping the item in the wash! ACE Power Mousse is also great for getting your house sparkling. The product works hard to remove built up grime on household surfaces, sinks and in the bathroom. Our customers share their thoughts:

  • Margaret Gallagher, Facebook – “My bathroom floor comes up clean, fresh and looking like new”
  • Fiona Foskett, Facebook – “It’s great for cleaning some of the most stubborn grimy marks around the home.”
  • @sammegansmummy, Instagram – “I use it for not only cleaning my kitchen and bathroom but also for removing stains out of clothes. It’s wonderful stuff.”
  • @lucyrobinson33, Instagram, – “I use it on my bath. Comes up spotless.”

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ACE for Colours Powder

Our brand new product, ACE for Colours Powder, has the stain removal and colour protecting power of ACE for Colours but in a powder form! In response to consumers’ growing concern for the environment, the ACE for Colours Powder offers an alternative to plastic. The Tetra Pak packaging is recyclable and instead of providing a plastic scoop, we recommend using a teaspoon. How will you ACE it with our brand new product?

How do you use your ACE products? Let us know at @ACECLEANUK on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Don’t forget to pick up a bottle of ACE in Morrisons, The Range, Tesco (and lots of other retailers!).


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