You Won’t Believe Which Celebrities Are Obsessed With Cleanliness!

16/06/2015 - Trivia

Some celebrities are known for the roles they played in movies or for the songs they sang on the stage but some others are famous because of their cleaning… er, passion.

Celebrity cleaning

Pictures of celebrities – actors, singers and other performers – cleaning their houses and gardens don’t appear often on the front pages of newspapers and magazines. Because of that, it may be hard to believe that some the famous personas are actually keen on cleaning. Some of them go even further and are crazy about cleaning and personal hygiene. Their houses would for sure pass the white glove test.

Meet the stars who do love cleaning or have some other cleanliness freaks. Maybe some of these examples will be an inspiration for you.

Gwyneth Paltrow is well-known for introducing slightly strange fashions in terms of healthy lifestyle, so it may not surprise anyone that when it comes to hygiene she also has some suggestions.

She is one of those stars you wouldn’t be able to shake hands with, because she avoids it as much as possible – after all we carry so many personal germs on our hands it’s better to keep them for ourselves. If you ever meet Paltrow in a hair salon you will be also able to ‘meet’ her brush and comb as she brings her own when going to have her hair done.

Another actress Cameron Diaz not only avoids touching door handles with her hands, for the same reason as Paltrow wouldn’t shake somebody’s hands. If you ever meet the actress and see her struggling to open the doors with her elbow don’t be surprised.

But she also admitted cleaning relaxes her. In an interview done in 2010 she said: “It’s so crazy but I just find that cleaning out my house changes my life.”

But keeping cleaning is not only female stars’ tendency. You may be surprised to hear that former footballer David Beckham likes vacuuming and pays much attention to keeping the kitchen tidy. Not too bad habit thinking that he lives with four children. And after all, he needs to do something while his wife is busy with the life of fashion designer.

Among other cleaning stars you can find actress Helena Bonham Carter, rich man Donald Trump ex-model Giesele Bündchen and former singer Britney Spears.
So if you’re particularly keen on cleaning, not to say addicted, you are surrounded by quite a nice bunch of famous people.

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