You Can Avoid A Wardrobe Crisis

11/02/2015 - Fashion & Lifestyle

Opposite to what you think some days in the morning there are many things to wear in your wardrobe.

Do you remember a day when you woke up in the morning, stood in front of your wardrobe and suddenly got a panic attack, because you had ‘nothing’ to wear? Was it a month ago or only yesterday morning when you were rushing off to an important meeting? Everybody has experienced such a day at least once in their life.
Sometimes it happens that nothing in your wardrobe, even the dress or trousers you bought a week before, seems to be convincing enough to wear. It doesn’t matter whether you have only a few items or hundreds of them, there is always a reason to say ‘no’ to every single piece of clothing.

Woman having wardrobe crisis

What if such days didn’t exist? It’s not just a dream. It can become a reality with a different attitude and a bit of strategic planning.

First of all, you need to know what you have in your wardrobe and appreciate those things. Otherwise you may forget about many nice pieces of clothing. Even if you have to pull everything out just do it, it will help you organise yourself.
Segregate clothes into different groups: t-shirts, skirts, dresses, trousers etc. And divide them into work ones and more casual. This way you will see if you’re really missing things in one category but having too many in the other. Also, check if you’re not missing some staple pieces – one colour t-shirts, classic jeans, black blazer and some other that will match anything else on any occasion.
Then start putting aside things that you haven’t worn for a longer while and that you don’t think you’ll wear ever again. But don’t throw them away immediately – just store them far away in a suitcase. Maybe in couple of months or years you’ll find there something useful.

And the most important part – prepare ready to wear sets that go together without a mistake and despite of any weather. If you may forget them, write down the combinations and next time you will panic in front of your wardrobe, you can use it as a help.

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