ACE Top Tips – How to Get Mud Out of Your Carpets and Clothes

16/02/2017 - Cleaning Tips

We’ve developed some top tips to help get mud out of your carpets and clothes!

Winter is a great time to wrap up and set out for a walk with the kids and the dog in the chilly outdoors. However, arriving home with mud-coated wellies and dirt-covered paws can be a nightmare for keeping the housework under control.

Leave supplies just inside the front door before setting off on a family walk. Dry socks and slippers for you and the kids, a towel for the dogs as well as a bucket to leave all the muddy, wet items in so they can be popped straight into the washing machine (for ACE to take care of!)This helps to stop dirt getting all over the floors and furniture in the first place, and you can get to being clean and dry in no time. If you forget, or if any of the pets run rogue and make a mess we suggest:

• At first, letting the mud dry
• When the mud is dry, slowly vacuum the affected areas to remove the dirt
• Try and remove as much dirt as possible with the vacuum, it is time to move on to a detergent solution.
• Use a white cloth to blot the solution onto the carpet and leave to dry
So that’s the carpets sorted – what about all your mud-coated jeans and trousers after you’ve splashed through all those puddles? Well, we have some ideas to help you with that too:
• Use a wet toothbrush (unused by anyone in the family!) to work away at the stain.

NOTE: Do not to soak the entire garment in water, or the mud will dissolve and saturate all the fabric.

• Then simply wash the garment on a normal machine wash cycle.

Now, all that’s called for is to head outdoors and get muddy!

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