Winter Stains

31/12/2014 - Stain Removal Tips

The heady days of summer have now disappeared, so you can wave goodbye to the potential worse stains you can get being a spilt cocktail. Mud. It gets everywhere. That park you take a short cut through to get to work? Well now it’s practically a peat bog, with enough mud to make the Thames Estuary look like a sandy beach in comparison. Seriously, is there anything worse than having the bottom of your jeans muddy, then taking your shoes off and getting your socks muddy when you step onto the bottom of your jeans? UGH! All of these winter stains!

Girl in mud to demonstrate winter stains

And then there’s the dreaded PE kit bag. We all know what happens. Your young ‘un plays rugby/hockey/football in the school playing field mud pit, forgets to bring their PE kit home for three weeks and you then have to fish out the contents; with clinging dried mud that’s gone so hard you could probably lay a patio with it.

There’s also the mysteries of Christmas. Suddenly food items such as piccalilli and cranberry sauce enter the house – things that no one else sees at anytime of the year – and despite the fact you’re pretty sure that no one has actually opened these rarely used jars; the contents seem to end up down the front everyone’s shirt. This being Christmas, we’re not talking a cheap, bargain bin soon-to-be-a-pyjama-top t-shirt either. It was probably expensive. And it was probably only opened that very morning. And you probably brought it for them.

One quite nice aspect of winter though when it comes to laundry (one that I’ve always liked anyway) is the fact clothes have to be dried inside. This, especially if you use a particular brand of laundry detergent named after a type of playing card, can cause a rather pleasing smell to drift through the house. Better than any air freshener or pot perri can do!

What do you love or hate about doing laundry in the winter?

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