Household hacks: Are your soft furnishings overdue a clean?

07/11/2018 - Cleaning Tips

If the room looks tidy it must be clean, right? Unfortunately not! Most of us will vacuum and dust regularly which of course makes our house look nice and clean, but we often forget about the blanket on the sofa or the curtains that have been hanging by the window since we moved in. The team at ACE have put together some tips and tricks for cleaning those household furnishings that may have been forgotten about…

Don’t turn a blind-eye to the curtains

We open and close them every day, but do we actually think about the amount of dust our blinds and curtains collect? Dust builds up everywhere, and although your curtains may not be the highest priority for dust removal it is still important that you pay them some attention every once in a while. Experts recommend that you vacuum or wipe your blinds and curtains at least once a month as this will keep the colour looking fresh, makes them last longer and is better for the health of everyone living in your house. Be careful to follow the instructions on the care label for any ready-made curtains, however, if you’re unsure as to whether they can withstand the washing machine, the bathtub is perfect for handwashing. If you have opted for blinds then make sure you vacuum them regularly with the soft brush nozzle, or you can use wet wipes if you need to quickly get rid of dust or grease.

What’s sitting on your sofa?

Unless you had a spill, when was the last time you cleaned those cushion covers? The sofa is not just comfy for you, it’s a lovely place for bacteria to settle too. It only takes a quick vacuum every month to save your household from particles building up on your sofa, and using the brush attachment will get rid of any crumbs that would otherwise rub into the sofa when you sit on it, making the fabric wear away. Remember to lift the cushions and clean all the muck out from underneath. It is also important to treat spills as soon as possible so that they do not soak into the fabric and cause permanent stains. Use ACE Multi-Purpose Spray to get rid of food, drink or any other marks you may have on your furniture. It’s also recommended that you get your upholstery professionally cleaned at least once a year to keep it in tip-top condition!

Don’t just chuck them on the floor, throw them in the wash too!

Most of us love a decorative throw pillow and blanket, but the clue’s in the name – they get thrown around a lot! When your pillows are tossed on the floor every time you go to bed, or your blanket is dragged along as you go to grab a snack from the kitchen, they pick up plenty of dirt. If you use your blanket or throw regularly then we suggest putting it in the wash every couple of weeks; but if your blanket is there for decoration then washing it every season – along with your throw pillows – should be enough to protect it from dirt and bacteria. Remember to check the care labels for cushion covers and blankets, but if you’re chucking them in the wash add a capful of ACE for Colours to remove stains and keep the colours bright. ACE is Woolmark approved so it is safe for use on wool items too!

Flip and rotate for a better sleep

It’s not only important to care for your bedding to get a better sleep, but the state of your mattress also has a massive effect on how well rested you are. When you sleep in the same spot every night it leaves an impression in the mattress and if you don’t give it time to recover then you may find you need a new mattress sooner than necessary. Not all mattresses need rotating or flipping, however, most do. If you’re not sure whether yours is included then contact your supplier to check. To increase the longevity of your mattress, and improve your sleep quality, rotate your mattress 180 degrees every six months to one year; this evens out the overall wear and assists in keeping your spine in neutral alignment. While you’re in the process of moving your mattress why not get at it with the vacuum too? Vacuuming will pull out most of the horrible bacteria and dirt that will have become embedded in your mattress – doing this will benefit your health and make your mattress last longer. Top with some fresh white bedding – kept bright with ACE for Whites – for a perfect night’s sleep.

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