Weird Laundry World Records

03/10/2016 - Trivia

There are Guinness World Records for almost anything nowadays. A few of the strangest we’ve come across are; most apples held in own mouth and cut by a chainsaw in one minute, largest hairy family, and longest metal coil passed through the nose and out of the mouth. We kid you not. So we had a look to see what kind of laundry-related world records there might be…


One of the first ones we came across was the record for throwing a washing machine. At times many of us when housework stresses us out might like to throw the washing machine across the room, but few of us have actually tried it… However, on July 31st 2015 after a Cincinnati Reds baseball game, American strongman Sean McCarthy did try it, and he threw a washing machine 4 metres and 80 centimetres, much to the crowd’s amazement. The record before this was 4 metres and 13 centimetres. The record for a pair jointly throwing a washing machine the furthest (after all why limit washing machine throwing to being only an individual event..) was set by Miguel Ballesteros and José Francisco Dopcio de Pablo in 2001 at the studios of El Show de los Records in Madrid. They succeeded in throwing a 47kg machine 6.37 metres.

This next record must have taken an incredible amount of patience and a hand far steadier than the average. In March of this year, professional cardstacker Bryan Berg teamed up with LG Electronics to promote their new Cetrum System™ washing machine, which the company says has significantly reduced vibrations. To illustrate this, Berg had 12 hours in which to build the tallest house of cards that he could on top of their new washing machine, while it was running at 1,000 RPM. Amazingly he managed to make a 48 level construction which was over 3.3m tall.

Berg might have struggled to do such an amazing job on this next record breaker. Usually people look for a washing machine with a large capacity, but China’s Qingdao Haier Washing Machine Co.Ltd bucked that trend by creating the world’s smallest washing machine. In 2011 they unveiled a machine measuring 256 x 278 x 382 mm. It’s weight is only 5.33kg and it can handle a wash load of 0.15kg… It would have struggled, to say the least, to cope with the load of this next record.

Sanath Bandara from Sri Lanka holds the record for the most T-shirts worn at once. He wore an incredible (and incredibly heavy!) 257. Set in 2011 it was one of the many Guinness World Records Sanath has tried to break after he was a victim of the 2008 Weliveriya bombing in Sri Lanka.

After he took them all off he could probably have done with the help of Liouguei District Office, Kaohsiung City, in Chinese Taipei. In March 2015 they set the record for the most people folding T-shirts simultaneously with 1,000 people. But what we really love about this record is that afterwards the T-shirts used were all distributed to vulnerable households and elderly people living alone. Our respect goes to them for their record, but even more so for their wonderful act of charity.

Source – Guinness World Records

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