ACE it: Why you should be using ACE in every wash

03/05/2019 - Laundry Tips

Most people only reach for the stain remover after an accident or spill – but there’s much more to ACE than just lifting out stains! The same way you use a fabric conditioner alongside laundry detergent, ACE for Colours is best in every wash (or ACE for Whites for white washes) to prevent colour transfer or a build-up of dingy stains like discoloured underarms or collars.

When you’re faced with stains like food, grass, makeup or unmentionable baby stains, it’s time to reach for our pre-treatment sprays – ACE Stain Remover Spray, and ACE Power Mousse for white items. Here’s why…

ACE for Colours

ACE contains unique ingredients that other products on the market don’t have – including the Soil Suspending Polymer and Dye-Lock Technology.

The patented Soil Suspension Polymer removes dinginess and grime from garments and suspends it in the washing solution. This prevents the formation of a dingy opaque layer on clothes – making them look dull. By preventing this build-up, colours stay vibrant for longer.

With the summer months coming up, we’re sure some of you will be swapping your darker winter clothes for a more colourful summer wardrobe! If you want to keep your clothes looking bright all the way through the season, ACE’s Dye-Lock Technology is crucial. Upon contact with water, most dyes tend to get washed away. However, ACE’s Dye-Lock Technology reduces the solubility of dyes and fixes them onto the fabric – stopping them from redepositing and creating colour runs.

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ACE for Colours Powder

Whether its grass, blood, food or body soil stains that you’re faced with, like ACE for Colours liquid, the enzyme system of ACE for Colours Powder uses selective removal to find and remove any marks, while the Soil Suspension Polymer stops the dirt from redepositing. By discolouring the stain before cutting the molecules into smaller pieces for easy removal, the added Active Oxygen in the powder format efficiently removes marks and stubborn dirt from your clothes – leaving your laundry stain free.

ACE for Whites

Do you find that your family’s whites tend to look a bit grey or yellowed rather than white? There are many factors that can affect the brightness of a white garment. Washing the garment and adding traditional bleaches, which do not contain fibre protection, can deactivate the optical brightener contained in new white fabric – making it appear greyed or yellowed.

Hypochlorite bleach is the best way to remove stains from white fabrics, however, it attacks the fabric and wears it out. The ACE Fiber Safety System protects the clothing fibers and prevents them from being worn out and yellowed. How does it do this? When doing laundry the water’s pH decreases which allows the bleach to attack the fabric. Adding ACE for Whites, which contains the Fiber Safety System, keeps the water pH constant and preserves the fabric’s original condition.

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Do you add ACE for Colours to every coloured wash and ACE for Whites to every white wash? Let us know at @ACECLEANUK on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Don’t forget to pick up a bottle of ACE for Colours in Morrisons, The Range, Tesco (and lots of other retailers!), ACE for Whites in The Range, Poundland, Poundstretchers, Savers and Amazon, and ACE for Colours Powder in Morrisons, The Range and Amazon.

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