What To Use Odd Socks For

19/09/2016 - Family Activities

No matter how careful we might be we just have to accept that, on occasion (or if we’re less lucky perhaps on a regular basis), we are going to end up with an partnerless sock when we come to putting away the laundry; odd socks are simply a fact of life. So, when you do end up with a pile of odd socks, what should you do with them? Throw them away? Resolve only to buy identical black socks from now on? You could. But then you wouldn’t be able to do any of these…

odd socks

• Use them to keep your flip-flops together when you’re packing them in your case for a holiday or storing them in the back of your wardrobe ready for next summer.

• Hang one on a nail in the shed and use it to store DIY safety goggles in. The sock will stop dust getting to them and prevent the goggles from getting scratched accidently.

• If you’re a DIY devotee, or maybe an artist, then odd socks are also great for putting over your shoes when you’re painting. That way any splashes of paint will only get the sock and won’t ruin your shoes.

• If there’s a golfer in the family, use the socks as protective covers for the heads of golf clubs so they don’t get damaged moving from garage to golf course.

• Use them as dusters.

• Use them to clean the family chores dry-wipe board.

• Use them to keep your car windows from fogging up. You can do this by filling an odd sock or two with rice (or if you own a cat then cat litter also works really well), tying a knot in the ankle part of the sock to hold it shut, and then placing the anti-fog sock device next to your windscreen.

• If you do happen to own a cat, fill an old sock with catnip and your cat will be entertained for absolutely ages!

• Next, similar to the anti-fog sock but this time for an anti-smell sock (which some might say is a contradiction in itself but there you go), try filling the sock with potpourri and putting it at the back of a drawer or cupboard.

• Put a tennis ball inside an odd sock and add it to the tumble dryer whenever you put a load in. It will act as a dryer ball and will keep your clothes and towels nice and soft and fluffy.

• Use them as moisturiser gloves. When you put your moisturiser on at night, you can stop it from coming off all over the sheets by putting socks on your hands afterwards.

• Make a sock puppet.

• Make a sock animal.

• Fill one with cotton wool, tie a knot in the end and use it as a pin cushion.

• If you do sew, cut identical ovals from the front and back of an odd sock and then applique them onto a jumper to give yourself contrast elbow patches.

• (With two odd socks) Cut a hole in the heel part of the sock, then cut the top of the toe section off and you have some fingerless mittens.

• Make one into a stress ball. Put playdough in a sandwich bag, get rid of any excess air and seal the sandwich bag, put the bag in the sock, then tie off the end of the sock.

Just a few ideas for odd socks to be getting on with then!

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