University: How to survive flying the nest

14/09/2018 - Cleaning Tips

For those of you who are experiencing university for the first time – whether you’re the parent of a student or a fresher yourself – it is a daunting time. If you’re sat there thinking about all the cooking, laundry and bathroom cleaning (and partying) ahead of you; the team here at ACE are here to give you a few tips on how to survive flying the nest.

Cleaning – Just how often do you need to clean the loo?

When living at home, you don’t really notice quite how often your parent or guardian is cleaning the bathroom and kitchen. Your bathroom may not look too bad, however, there are probably more bacteria in that room than students at your university! Disinfect the toilet and sink with bleach at least a couple of times a week and use ACE Multi-Purpose Spray to tackle germs and keep your whole bathroom fresh and hygienic.

In a shared kitchen make life easier and agree to clean up after yourselves, because no one wants to cook on a food and grease covered hob. ACE Power Mousse will keep kitchen surfaces clean, while ACE Multi-Purpose Spray will get rid of greasy stains. Shared accommodation cleanliness can be hard to maintain but organising group cleans or a rota can be very useful and save any arguments over who has done the most cleaning!

Laundry – Don’t turn your white socks red!

It is recommended that bed sheets are changed every fortnight due to the fact that bacteria, dirt and oils produced during sleep can fester in bed sheets. Another top tip is to take two sets of bed sheets so that you’re prepared for any mess or for when one set is being washed – if they are different patterns it is a great way to keep track of just how long those sheets have been sat there.

There’s nothing worse than getting dressed and realising you’ve left your laundry too long and you have a lack of underwear! Wash your clothes regularly so that your comfy joggers or favourite top are always available to chuck on for a 9am lecture. Make life easier and use ACE for Colours so that you can do mixed colour washes and not worry about them running – or ACE for Whites to stop whites from fading.

If you’re planning on joining a sports society you will definitely need to learn how to get grass stains or mud out of your uniform. Have a watch of this video for some simple steps on removing grass stains…

 Cooking – Easy Recipes for Beginners

When you’re settling into university life, it can be hard to find the energy or time to cook a good meal – especially when microwave meals or delivery is so easy… or if all you think you can afford is pasta or beans on toast!

Have a look here for some inspiration for quick and easy meals that even an absolute novice chef should be able to make! The delicious meals like chicken burrito rice and ciabatta pizzas make a healthy and cheap alternative for student takeaway favourites.

What will you be doing to prepare yourself, or your child, for going to uni? Let us know at @ACECLEANUK on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. Also, don’t forget to pick up a bottle of ACE in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose (and lots of other retailers!) when you’re stocking up for the big move!

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