Top of the league: Tips for removing stains this World Cup

Football fever is sweeping the nation and there is no better time to get outside for a kick around with your family and friends than right now! BBQs, 5-a-side games and keepy-uppy competitions are all fab ways to get involved but can also lead to nasty stains on pricey football kits or your Sunday best, whether it’s ketchup from the celebratory hotdog or grass stains from that all-important penalty save. The team at ACE has some top tips to survive the international month of footie so you can remove the stains but keep the memories.

Home kit

If your kids have been out practising their best ball skills, then you could be left with a case of those ‘‘dingy’’ marks caused by soil and mud, or even worse… bright green grass stains. If they are sporting the crystal white England home kit, then ACE for Whites is going to be your clothing’s best defender – specially formulated with bleach to remove stains, prevent colour runs and whiten garments. Place in the washing machine draw labelled ‘CL’ with your white load and prepare to be dazzled! If you can’t see CL on your machine, then please see here for more information.

Away kit

Ideal for the phone-box-red England away kit, ACE for Colours removes even the toughest of stains yet remains gentle on the most delicate of coloured clothes. It will prevent pigment transfer in mixed-colour washes, making it the ultimate product for everyday use, and the scent eliminates odours to leave clothes smelling fresh. To use, simply pop a capful of ACE into your wash. Or, for particularly bad stains, you can either pre-soak in cold water with ACE or dab directly onto the affected item before popping into the wash as normal.

Cooking up a winner

With temperatures soaring to nearly 30 degrees this World Cup season, practically everyone in the UK is getting together to enjoy a BBQ in the garden before huddling around the TV to watch the big game. However, pesky stains from chopping and marinating ingredients or serving spillages may mean your kitchen’s cleanliness is left on the bench. Keep a bottle of ACE Power Mousse handy for the perfect quick and easy way to get your surfaces sparkling again. The innovative mousse uses patented technology allowing precise application with no drips or splashes. Simply twist the nozzle into position and spray onto the affected surface before rinsing using a moist cloth or sponge. You’ll be finished in time for the starting whistle!

Celebratory spillages

It’s possible that another tense penalty shoot-out may lead to an accident or two. That very OTT celebration, drink in hand and popcorn on lap, could mean the sofa could also be in the firing line… eek! In a halftime dash, grab your bottle of ACE Multi-Purpose Spray to tackle and stains head on (the sooner you apply the product the more effective it will be). Just like with the ACE Power Mousse, twist the nozzle into action and spray onto the affected area. For tough stains such as wine or ketchup, leave for a few moments before rinsing.

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Always read the label on your fabrics before washing, and always use products in line with instructions on the bottle.

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