Top 5 Homemade Halloween costumes 👻

Top 5 Halloween costumes you can make from home

With Halloween just around the corner, the kids are already likely to be planning their next spooky look. Trouble is, most of the character-themed creations on offer come at an extortionate price, particularly when you consider they are likely to be worn for just a few hours and will probably be too small by next Halloween! If you’re keen to help the kids look fantastically scary without breaking the bank, here are some fabulously creative ideas for costumes you can make from home!

The traditional ghost

It’s an old classic, but it’s a favourite. Using a white bed sheet as the base, your child can be as creative as they like, from cutting out eyes to adorning with spiders, chains, glitter or other spooky creations. Fabric pens are great for this, but your normal felt tip pens will also do the trick.


The zombie

Put your child’s worn out, old dressing up costumes to good use by repurposing them for Halloween! Transform any beautiful princess dress, nurse or doctors’ outfit, cheerleading costume, or even a beloved old onesie into a gruesome extravaganza by cutting or ripping the sleeves, adding some dirt and a splash or two of red dye or tomato ketchup! Absolutely anything goes in Zombie-land, so your child can choose whatever clothes or costume they like and transform it into a spooky delight. They may make quite a mess in their excitement, so be sure to keep your ACE stain remover spray handy!


The vampire/vampiress

Thanks to the popularity of Vampirina, Hotel Transylvania and the Twilight Saga, vampires now come in all shapes and sizes. This provides kids with the perfect opportunity to create their own unique vampire look but be sure to include the trademark fangs! Check out this great Dracula Vampire Makeup tutorial we found on YouTube.

The black cat

Dressing up as a black cat can be achieved very simply just by selecting all-black clothing. From a leotard they use for dance class through to a plain t-shirt and leggings, you are likely to have everything you need to complete this look at home. Add a nose and whiskers with makeup and create the ears by attaching a black card to a headband. For the tail, consider stuffing some old fabric into the leg of a pair of tights. Easy!


The robot

For those who fancy being a little more creative with their costume, robots would make the perfect Halloween craft project! From choosing the colours to personalising each robot with its own gizmos and gadgets, the possibilities are endless. You can view the tutorial on how to make both the child and adult versions here.

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