These Tips Will Help You Have The Ultimate Christmas Party

25/11/2015 - Fashion & Lifestyle

So word has now spread round the office that you’ve been selected to organise, plan, and execute the Christmas party, but, alas, you’ve run out of festive ideas. Or maybe you’ve decided to treat a group of friends to some holiday merriment, but, oh dear, the Christmas spirit hasn’t really hit you quite yet, and you need some fast ideas! Well, this guide may just be a life-saver!

Christmas Party

Christmas parties don’t have to be expensive to be fun and interesting. On the contrary, it’s all the more disappointing if something is expensive and a let down. When organising a party for friends and family, consider a slightly cheaper option. There are a huge range of indoor activities that you could do, especially if they involve family. You could turn setting up decorations around the house and on the tree into a game, by seeing who can do it as fast (but neatly) as possible! Sounds simple, but could very effective. This works especially well if you have young children, and helps prepare the house for the big day. Plus, there’s nothing more soul-destroying than setting up Christmas decorations alone, so having some help could be just what is needed! If you don’t feel like this, then what about a marathon of Christmas movies with some hot chocolate on the side? Classics like It’s a Wonderful Life never go out of fashion, and it can be a great way to get everyone together.

But that’s a little small scale, so let’s increase the size. Let’s say you’re having friends around instead. A drinks party can be great fun, and can be so quick and easy. A few candles dotted around, maybe a few party snacks, champagne of course, and suddenly you’ve got a warm and welcome gathering of people on your hands. You could even add a little more food and drink, and have a dinner party instead. Done right, and it could even become a holiday tradition. There’s nothing nicer than people saying how much they are looking forward to coming over again next year!

Ok, but here’s the big one. No longer are you catering for a few friends or family, but an entire office of people. Uh oh! But fear not, you can brave this Winter storm, and come out merrier than an elf with Santa’s brandy!

So let’s assume, for the moment, that the office party is going to happen in the office, and not out and about. First and foremost, people appreciate when someone has made an effort, so make sure decorations and such are put up promptly and efficiently. However, remember that you might also be the one taking them down, so don’t set out an entire forest of Christmas trees! Party games can help people relax if done right, and little bit of alcohol can help create a better atmosphere. Don’t go too far though, because no one wants to clear off sick that’s been spewed on the tree you spent three hours setting up. Of course, if you have the budget, having a party outside the office can be just as fun. And the best bit? Besides bookings, someone else will be organising it! Consider dinner at a nice restaurant, and then maybe move on to a quirky bar. Remember though, if anything goes wrong, it’s still on you, so don’t shirk your responsibilities. Your number one responsibilities to your friends, family, coworkers, or whoever, is that they are safe, and having a good time. If you’ve got both those covered, then it’s a successful party!

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