Tidy house, tidy mind: The benefits of having a clean home

21/02/2019 - Cleaning Tips

Have you ever noticed a change in your mood when the house isn’t tidy? Many studies have found a link between well-being and house cleanliness, with the biggest conclusion being that those with tidy homes were more active and, therefore, healthier. ACE Stain Remover can be used on both household surfaces and as a pre-treatment on your clothes, so you can be even happier knowing you’ve saved money on cleaning products too!

Dust and de-stress

Women with untidy houses are proven to have higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and by tidying their homes they expressed feeling healthier – eating more nutritious food, getting better sleep, having increased immunity and generally being more active. It is also proven that the mindlessness of cleaning can be used to practice mindfulness and meditation, further resulting in decreased stress levels. Why not take half an hour out of your day to dust or make the beds, and see if it makes you feel better?

Clean confidence

Having friends or family over can be anxiety-inducing if your house isn’t completely spotless – 54% of Brits revealed they have cancelled plans to host because their house wasn’t pristine! If you use cleaning as a form of de-stressing by tidying up regularly, having your friends pop over unexpectedly won’t make you panic quite so much! Often the confidence in showing off your home can transfer outside the house too – making you feel like you have more control over your surroundings and increasing your willingness to socialise.

Clutter-free family

We’ve all had the “it’s not lost, it’s just misplaced” argument while the kids cry over a missing toy and your partner complains that you’ve lost the keys… again! Having an organised living space will help ease tension, reduce fights and means the kids can play without you needing to help them find a toy every five seconds. Using storage boxes, like these from IKEA, is an easy way to organise the family living space – the hardest part is actually sticking to it! If you have been following Marie Kondo’s ethos, then why not reconnect with your belongings while you organise them? Remember that each item has a purpose – either functional or because someone in your family loves it – and everything has its place if properly stored!

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Endless energy

Cleaning can be hard work, but the positive side is that it’s great exercise! Just doing simple daily chores can actually burn quite a few calories as they increase your heart rate above your normal resting rate. Exercise also releases endorphins which give you more energy and make you feel happier!

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