These Things Will Change the Way You Think About Cleaning the House

07/05/2015 - Cleaning Tips

Cleaning is a boring regular activity that you have to do once in a while at your home… Isn’t it? It’s time to change your mind and put on a new mindset. These facts will change your attitude towards cleaning.

Facts about Cleaning

Cleaning reduces risk, allergies and makes you and your family healthier. The first and most obvious effect of regular cleaning is that your house is… cleaner. And a cleaner house means less risk to trip over, breathe in allergens and moulds and it lowers the risk of infection or contamination. On top of that 2 hours of cleaning helps you to burn about 200 calories. With average women cleaning for 12,896 hours in her lifetime and a man for 6,448 hours that makes a big difference to your waist line.

Keeping clutter away helps you to be better organised. “Darling, have you seen my keys?” “Sweetheart, did you see that bill that was due a month ago?” Sounds familiar? You cannot find things, because you buried them under piles of unnecessary things. Keeping things tidy and organised in your house will help you stay on top of your payments and will save you time while getting ready in the morning or going out for an important appointment.

Cleaning alleviate stress. All the reasons above help you to live a less stressful life. On top of that, if you schedule cleaning as your regular activity and don’t rush it, listen to the music while cleaning stairs and dusting off the shelves it will prove to be a relaxing way of spending time.

When your house is clean you are more likely to invite people and enjoy their company. Having a clean house removes that nagging inner voice telling you that you need to clean this, or organize that. Instead you will concentrate on things you enjoy reading a book or watching a movie.

Cleaning helps you set goals and builds up your self-esteem. It’s great to prepare a monthly schedule of cleaning different parts of the house as it helps you to be better organised. Also, once you accomplish the plan you will feel the satisfaction. Imagine how proud of yourself you will feel at the end. Clearer house is clearer mind. You will want to come back to a clean house much more than to a dirty one and clean kitchen will encourage you to cook healthy meals.

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