Spring cleaning: Get your house looking fresh in 30 minutes or less

07/01/2019 - Cleaning Tips

We’ve all had that moment when you realise your friends are on their way and the house looks more like a pigsty than a place fit for humans. When the idea of getting the house sparkling from top-to-bottom in time is an impossible one, you sometimes just need a few quick cleaning jobs to get the house looking ready for visitors. ACE has put together some tips that will get your house prepared for visitors in no time at all – they’re also pretty useful habits to get into to help keep the house tidy throughout the week.

Timing Is of the Essence

When you only have an hour to clean the whole house, timing is important. Start by walking round the house to assess what work you need to do and which rooms will need a little extra attention. Divide your time up between each room (e.g. 15 minutes in the kitchen, 15 minutes in the lounge and 10 minutes in the bathroom) which will ensure that you use your time efficiently and won’t get carried away and spend too long in one particular place.

Bathroom Blitz

Guests tend to not care about a bit of dust on a shelf, but a dirty bathroom will never not be noticed. Streak and fingerprint free surfaces instantly make a place look cleaner, and using baby wipes is a quick way to achieve this in no time at all! If you’re lucky enough to have a little more than 30 seconds of time on your hands, using ACE Power-Mousse on your surfaces, toilet bowl and sink will get the bathroom sparkling. Simply spray on any areas in need of a quick clean, leave it to work and by the time you’ve finished one of our other 5-minute clean up tips, it’ll be ready to wipe away. Don’t forget to restock the toilet roll and put out a fresh hand towel while you’re there!

Quick Cleans

If all you have time for is a quick race around to pick up and hide everything that you can, then these tips are the one for you. Simply emptying all the bins and making the beds automatically transforms the look and feel of a room – and takes no more than a couple of minutes! Have you got a pile of shoes, and other objects, accumulating on the stairs? Taking this up to people’s rooms is a great way to make the house appear clutter-free and you can pick up dirty laundry on your way – leaving no time wasted. To get your kitchen surfaces gleaming, spray ACE Multi-Purpose spray over them, leave the product to do its job and by the time you’ve emptied the bins and picked up the dirty clothes it will be ready to wipe away!

Final Touches

Got a spare five minutes before the guests arrive? Quickly going round the house making sure pillows are fluffed, clearing a place for the guests to put their things and lighting candles to create a fresh smell and draw attention away from any areas that may have been missed, are some great final touches. Pop some background music on and you’ll be ready for your friends to arrive!

What are your tips for a quick clean up? Let us know at @ACECLEANUK on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Don’t forget to pick up a bottle of ACE in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose (and lots of other retailers!) when you’re getting the nibbles in for your guests.

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