Some amazing hacks to help make holiday packing easier

01/07/2015 - Fashion & Lifestyle

Packing for one person for summer holiday is a challenge and a struggle in itself, so when it comes to packing for a whole family for two weeks of holidays abroad it seems an unachievable task.

So here are some great tips so that you can enjoy a stress free packing experience:

Packing for a holiday

Papers, pants and plastic bag
Set your priorities right. There are things you have to take with you. As newspaper “The Independent” suggests you should follow 3 Ps rule. So make sure you don’t forget papers, pants and plastic bag. If you have the most important things with you, you can get all the rest sorted when you arrive, even if you forget something. Papers include passport, tickets and paper money. The last one comes handy if you go to a place where you don’t or can’t pay by card or if your card get lost or stolen. Those essentials are followed by pants (quite useful) and a plastic bag in which you will carry liquids in bottles up to 100 ml in your hand luggage.

Put essentials in hand luggage
Even if you’ve never suffered the horror of an airline losing your lost luggage you must have heard some terrifying stories from your friends and colleagues. Learn their lesson and pack essentials in hand luggage. It should include all the things mentioned above as well as toothbrush, cosmetics and one or two changes of clothes. It’ll help you to avoid the stress while the airline is trying to retrieve your luggage from… Ecuador.

Get the system right
What helps me to ensure that I have everything packed is making a list following my day-to-day routine. When planning what to pack, in my mind, I go through the day and think about everything I use while at home – from going to the bathroom in the morning until resting my head on a pillow in the night. This way I make sure that everything I use daily will be with my while I’m away.

Still don’t forget those things that you may not be using every day, like swimsuit, sun cream etc.

We all get frustrated with packing but the key is not to. Relax – it’s only packing and what’s more it means you’re getting ready for another trip of your life.

So relax and enjoy your time-off!

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