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ACE For Whites Stain Remover Spray tackles tough stains on white garments with the might of bleach and precise application. For clean household surfaces, use ACE For Whites Spray to remove dirt and grease from white hard surfaces around the home.


Key features

    • The power of Ace for Whites, in a spray!
    • Innovative mousse, utilising unique patented technology, allowing precise application with no drips or splashes
    • Special formulation with bleach & degreaser
    • Suitable for delicate and white clothes
    • Can also be used around the home on all surfaces
    • Fresh scent with odour masking technologies
    • Recyclable Bottle


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And many good convenience and local independent retailers.


<5% Anionic surfactants, chlorine-based bleaching agents, perfumes


To pre-treat stained white laundry:

  • Twist nozzle to the on position
  • Spray onto the affected area of the garment, completely covering the stain
  • Leave for 5 minutes and wash as usual


Around the home:

  • Twist nozzle to the on position
  • Spray on the surface and rinse using a moist cloth or sponge
  • For tough dirt, leave for a moment and rinse


Keep out of the reach of children!

ACE For Whites Stain Remover Spray contains Sodium Hypochlorite bleach. ACE products containing hypochlorite can produce pink / purple / red spots if they come into contact with residues of other chemical products (for example body creams, sun creams, after sun creams). If this occurs, you can try to remove stains from clothes by washing again using detergent and letting your clothes dry in the sun; direct sunlight has a slight bleaching power that can contribute to the elimination of any residual halos.