Tasty Takeaways: Popular takeaways and how to remove their stains

09/08/2019 - ACE News

In the UK we love a takeaway! From fish and chips on a Friday to a greasy kebab after a night out, we have a designated takeaway for every occasion. Although the food may be tasty, the sauce stains down our clothes (or even worse – on our sofa!) aren’t. The team at ACE has put together a list of some of the countries favourite takeaways, and how to remove the nasty stains they create.

Use ACE to remove takeaway stains

Greasy Kebab

A greasy kebab after a night out is a British go-to, but our best going out clothes do not look great with a big mayo stain down them. Mayonnaise is a greasy stain, and can, therefore, be removed quite easily. Get rid of any residue first by dabbing it with a piece of kitchen towel. Try not to spread the stain, so make sure you’re dabbing and not rubbing.

To remove the remaining stain, spray with ACE Stain Remover Spray and leave it to soak for 10-15 minutes, before rinsing and popping the item in the wash with a capful of ACE for Colours (or our plastic-free alternative – ACE for Colours Powder). The odour eliminating properties of ACE for Colours will make sure to get rid of any garlic or kebab smells too!

ACE Stain Remover removes mayonnaise


Crowned as Britain’s favourite takeaway, a Chinese may be deemed the best takeaway but it’s the worst for stains! Soy sauce is particularly tricky and should be treated right away.

Immediately blot any excess soy sauce and flush out the stain with cold water. Soy sauce can be removed most simply using the method of running cold water through a stain if done correctly. Make sure to turn the fabric inside out so that the water hits the back of the stain, instead of the front. This will encourage the residue to exit the same way it entered – flushing from the front could make the stain look much worse. Finally, pop the garment in the wash with ACE for Colours if it’s a coloured item, or ACE for Whites if it’s a white piece of clothing.


Whether you like a spicy vindaloo or a mild korma, nothing beats a delicious curry! The curry sauce stains, however, are a nightmare to remove.

To start, it is important to remove any chunks of vegetable by dabbing with a kitchen towel. Once this is done, pour ACE for Colours neat onto the stain, leave it to soak for about 10 minutes and then scrub using a nail brush. Rinse with cold water and pop the item in the wash with a capful of ACE for Colours, or ACE for Colours Powder.

ACE for Colours removes curry stains

Picture from @homewithhan on Instagram

Fish and Chips

In a lot of houses, a Friday wouldn’t be a Friday without fish and chips, and we don’t know about you, but we think tomato ketchup is a must-have with chips!

The important thing to remember is to never rub a ketchup sauce stain – always use a dabbing motion. As it is a natural stain, ketchup can be treated in the same way as soy sauce, mentioned above. Alternatively, spray the stain with ACE Stain Remover and leave it to work for about 10 minutes before popping the item in the wash with a capful of ACE for Colours.

If you don’t fancy running around trying to remove a stain on your Friday night, leave the item to soak in a bowl of warm water with a capful of ACE for Colours overnight and pop it in the wash in the morning.

What’s your favourite takeaway? Let us know at @ACECLEANUK on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Don’t forget to pick up a bottle of ACE in Morrisons, The Range, Tesco (and lots of other retailers!).

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