‘Pop ya collar’ – Keeping your white shirts, white!

Whether it’s for the office, a formal occasion or part of the school uniform, nothing beats a freshly pressed, clean, sparkly white shirt or blouse to add a certain dressy quality.

The only downside to owning something so white is that they can prove quite difficult to maintain bright, especially the collars and cuffs where grime and sweat can combine and form dirty marks.

Rather than throw it away and purchase new clothing, save yourself some pennies and bring it back to life by popping to your nearest supermarket or convenience store and picking up a bottle of the fantastically effective (just ask Mrs Hinch or Queen or Clean) Ace for Whites and ACE Power Mousse.


Let the magic commence…

Pre-treat the tough collar/cuff stains by applying ACE Power Mousse (or ACE Stain Remover Spray for coloured garments) directly on to the stain(s) and leave for approximately five minutes before popping into the wash.

For the ultimate wash and to bring the white shirt back to its former self, pop your normal detergent into the appropriate tray and add a generous amount of ACE for Whites into the softener tray.

Start the wash and watch the stains start to disappear before your very eyes.

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