Pesky pets: ACE tips to get rid of all kinds of pet marks

18/04/2019 - ACE News

This month is National Pet Month. From furry friends to scaly sidekicks, as a nation, we Brits love our pets! We may adore them most of the time, but when the cream carpet has muddy paw-prints across it, or the cat has come to show you what they’ve caught, it’s a little hard to care about anything other than the mess that’s been made. For moments like these – that seem to happen way too often – the team at ACE has put together a list of the most annoying pet marks and how to get rid of them.


House training a puppy, or having a pet that is a little incontinent, means that urine-stained carpets are inevitable and, often, these hard-to-remove stains can leave a lingering smell. ACE makes light-work of removing body soil stains and can be used on upholstery and carpets – just make sure to test on an inconspicuous patch first! Simply spray ACE Stain Remover Spray directly onto the mark, leave it to soak for up to 15 minutes and then dab off with a damp cloth. If these stains appear on blankets or removable cushion covers, pop them in the wash with a capful of ACE for Colours or two tablespoons of ACE for Colours Powder.


When you get in from a muddy walk and your dog runs through the house leaving a path of paw prints behind them, it’s easy to jump straight for the warm water and cloth. However, it’s crucial to leave mud to dry as washing when it is still wet can spread the dirt and make it a lot worse. Once the mud has dried, pick off any clumps then spray leftover marks with ACE Stain Remover Spray. Leaving the spray to soak for up to 30 minutes will give it time to work on even the hard-to-remove spots. Once time is up, blot with a damp cloth until the spray and stain are completely removed.


If you have a furry pet that likes to leave a trail of hair everywhere they go, then you will know how annoying the clumps of fur are that collect on your stairs, sofa and carpet. For those of you who follow Mrs Hinch, you may have seen her great tip for removing pet hair from those areas. For those spots that seem to collect enough fur to cover your dog again, grab a squeegee (like these from eBay) and scrape it along the target area. The rubber squeegee will pick up fur from even deep in the carpet and collect it into a ball – you’ll be shocked to find out just how much has settled there!


Every dog owner has had that moment of despair when their beloved puppy has jumped up and left grass stains on their nice trousers, or on the carpet. When removing grass stains it’s important to not rub or scrub the stain as this can spread the dirty mark further and make it more difficult to remove. Alcohol can be used to lift off the green pigmentation left by grass. Apply a small amount to a clean sponge and dab it across the stain – remember to test on a small area first! Rinse the item in cold water before popping it in the wash with a capful of ACE for Colours. For stains on the carpet, spray with ACE Stain Remover Spray, leave it to work for up to half an hour and then dab away with a clean cloth.

What pet do you have and what mess are they guilty of creating? Let us know at @ACECLEANUK on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Don’t forget to pick up a bottle of ACE in Morrisons, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose (and lots of other retailers!) when you’re shopping for treats for your mess-making animal.

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