Which Milestone Did You Reach Today?

19/04/2017 - Parenting

Hopefully you’ve already seen our honest baby milestone cards, looking at the less-celebrated events in the day-to-day life of parenting. At ACE we know that every day is special and how important it is to make memories – the messy ones, the funny ones and the frustrating ones! We’re here to help you keep those memories, but remove the stains that come with them. We asked you what your #RealMilestones are, and here’s what you came up with.

Baby Milestones

For the little ones that are learning new things every day.

Today I…

• … learned how to make my Nanny dance up the garden path by pulling all the heads of the bedding plants that she had JUST planted (Sue Bowden via Facebook)

• … helped hang the clothes out and then dropped them all in the mud (Ruth Wollerton via Facebook)

• … learned that Daddy’s phone is not waterproof! (Greig Spencer via Facebook)

• … told my Nana and Grandad that I’d only eaten a yoghurt all day so they’d buy me a packet of Giant Buttons at the supermarket (Caroline Ferguson via Facebook)

• … wrote my name on the car with a stone (Rachael Buckley via Facebook)

• … had a tantrum because the wind blew my fringe and it hurt (Anneke Bevan via Facebook)

• … took my nappy off without mummy knowing and weed all over the carpet (Hayley Payton via Facebook)

• … spilled my full drink in a restaurant so it soaked everyone in a three table radius (Michelle Dagger via Facebook)

• … cried because my socks were the wrong colour (Sarah McFadzean via Facebook)

• … trailed in grass and stamped it into the cream coloured carpet (Gwyn Sharps via Facebook)

• … miraculously kept my socks on all day! (Rebecca Wilson via Facebook)

• … cried when you gave me the blue cup. I wanted the pink cup. And then when you gave me the pink cup, I wanted the orange cup (Catherine McAlinden via Facebook)

• … ate sand on the beach, even though I refuse to try any healthy food (Sallie Burrows via Facebook)

• … learned how to pour myself a drink instead of asking Mum every five minutes (@jlemaitre83 via Twitter)

• … learned that the dog’s dinner is not as nice as mine! (Leah Finch via Facebook)

Parent Milestones

For the grown-ups whose lives have never been the same since becoming a parent.

Today I…

• … achieved drinking a hot cup of tea (Jo Bohm via Facebook)

• … had a tantrum because I couldn’t remember where I’d hid the chocolate from my kids! (Karen Robertson via Facebook)

• … managed to go to the toilet on my own – my daughter is five! (Janine Laura via Facebook)

• … woke up BEFORE my kids (Jennifer Wlodyka via Facebook)

• …didn’t have to change my little one’s clothes because they didn’t look ridiculously funny in what they decided to wear! (@daddiesmumpet via Twitter)

• … was able to enjoy a full ten minutes in the shower without my son knocking on the bathroom door (@SuperLuckyDi via Twitter)

• …taught my boys to lift the toilet seat up instead of peeing all over it (@Priestleykaren1 via Twitter)

• … was finally able to get my 20-year-old stepson to wash the dishes! Result! (@Trudeestweets via Twitter)

• … took all three children to the shops on my own. I’ve spent a lot of time in the house scared I wouldn’t manage but I did (@tazarazamuffin via Twitter)

• … fed the little one without getting it all over me. GOAL (@kiwi7001 via Twitter)

• … got through the first week of the school holidays without having a breakdown! Happy Easter(@cutetrix via Twitter)

• ‏… shrugged my shoulders and ignored my child having a tantrum instead of questioning my parenting skills (Martina Pichova via Twitter)

• … mastered ninja creeping out of my kids’ rooms without them waking! (GlamandGeeky via Twitter)

• … heard the words “thank you” WITHOUT prompting (@bev_metallica via Twitter)

• … stopped feeling guilty about every little thing and doubting myself over every decision I made (Ann Knight via Twitter)

I think it’s safe to say that the biggest milestone of all would be being able to say…

Today absolutely nothing peculiar happened!

What would your #RealMilestones be? Join the conversation at @ACECLEANUK on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Photos courtesy of Someone’s Mum from her blog on Alternative Milestones.

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