Messy Play with ACE!

18/05/2017 - Family Activities

Spring has very much sprung, and although summer is almost here, the weather doesn’t always cooperate. We’ve pulled together some simple messy play ideas to keep little ones busy come rain or shine! And the best part: you can enjoy all of the fun that comes with messy play and trust that ACE will get your clothes sparkling clean again, so you can forget the stains but keep the memories.


This non-toxic goop recipe is great – when you pour it or move your hands through it slowly, it’s a liquid, but when you squish it around, it becomes a solid. Older kids will have a blast playing with it, and it’s safe for the younger ones who still like to put everything in their mouth.

What you will need:

330g cornflour
225ml water
A few drops of green food colouring
A mixing bowl


Put the cornflour in a bowl. Mix the water and food colouring together and pour over the cornflour.

Mix it together with your hands until there are no lumps. Make sure to go slowly, so it stays liquid.

Plop the goop in a bowl or on a hard surface and let the little ones get their hands dirty!

Patio Paint

If you have a patio, or just a bit of pavement, this cheap and cheerful paint is perfect for keeping the kids busy when the weather is nice. And the best part is that it will wash away the next time it rains!

What you will need:

Different colours of chalk (you’ll need a few sticks of each colour)
Sealable freezer bags
A tea towel
A rolling pin


Put the different colours of chalk into separate freezer bags, squeeze out all of the air and seal them.

Lay the tea towel on a sturdy chopping board (not a glass one!). Place a bag of chalk flat on top of it and then fold the tea towel over the top.

Using the rolling pin, crush the chalk into a fine powder. Slightly older children might like to help with this bit!

Once you’re finished crushing the chalk, snip off a corner of the plastic bag and empty it into an old Tupperware.

Slowly stir in water, until the chalk is dissolved and becomes a consistency similar to paint. Repeat the process for each bag of chalk.

Arm your youngster with paintbrushes, or just let them use their hands for extra messy fun, and watch while they create a masterpiece!

Shaving Cream Swirls

This activity is definitely cheap and cheerful. If the weather is nice, you can do it outside on a sheet of plastic, but it can easily be done inside on a plastic tray or even in the bathtub!

What you will need:

A few cans of shaving cream
Washable paint or food colouring
A plastic tray or plastic covered surface (or you could even use the bathtub)


Squirt the shaving cream into a big swirl on your surface of choice.

Add a bit of food colouring or washable paint to the top of each swirl.

Roll up your little ones’ sleeves, and get messy!

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