Life hack: How to banish sweat stains

20/07/2018 - Stain Removal Tips

It can happen when we exercise, get nervous, excited, overwhelmed or pretty much any emotion under the sun… sweat! It gets a bad rep, but our bodies sweat to help keep us cool – whether it’s a big wedding day, a work interview or that gruelling spin class, sweat is triggered by receptors in the brain which helps the body adapt to and regulate heat. So now that we’ve cleared up that sweating is A-OK and in fact very useful, it’s about time we embrace it! All you need to do is ensure you’re ready to target any stains left on shirts, hats and collars, so you can remove the stains but keep the memories.

DIY remedies

For a quick fix to sweat stains, we have a few methods involving products that you’ll find in your cupboard amongst your everyday essentials. Try mixing four tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda with 60ml of water. Carefully scrub the mixture into the affected area(s) – go easy on delicate fabrics! – and let it sit in the water for about an hour before rinsing and leaving to dry. Repeat if needed. Another way to banish the stains is by making a solution of vodka and water that is sprayed onto the stains before washing in the machine, but make sure you don’t leave the kiddies unattended when doing this! Dabbing on white wine vinegar or squeezing lemon onto the affected area also does the job.

Hang them out to dry

Once you have washed your clothes, try hanging them out on the line to dry in the sunshine rather than in the tumble dryer, weather dependent of course, but perfect for this time of year. This acts as a natural and gentle bleaching method which is bound to perfect the effects of your sweat stain removal. You can even catch some rays whilst you’re at it!

Calling in the professionals

Here at ACE, we also recommend keeping a bottle of ACE Multi-Purpose Spray on hand for those tough sweat stains on coloured clothes and ACE Power Mousse for whites. Use as a spot stain remover and leave for five minutes before popping in the wash for the ultimate clean. This is perfect for those pesky white deodorant marks too! To use, simply twist and spray onto the affected area before popping in the wash as normal and watch the stains disappear before your eyes.

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