Laundry hygiene: Clean clothes for a clean bill of health

01/07/2019 - ACE News

Three ways healthy laundry habits can help keep your family healthy. Keeping your family healthy is always a priority, from taking vitamins, eating a balanced diet and staying active, but have you ever considered how the cleanliness of your clothes could impact the health of your family?

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The NHS reports that germs resulting in flu and stomach bugs can survive on clothing and other fabrics for between 4 – 6 hours, with some strains surviving as long as 5 months. When you have kids running around, it’s easy to see how illness can spread fast. The team at ACE wants to help keep your family healthy, so here are three ways to help protect your family from unwanted germs:

Wash clothes regularly

When you’ve got kids running around it’s easy to see how germs can spread quickly. To avoid unwanted illness ensure you are regularly washing your family’s clothes, and if the lurgy is about, wash contaminated clothes in a hot wash with a bleach-based detergent – we love ACE for Whites! For coloured items, ACE for Colours Powder contains enzymes and an 8+ system that banishes dirt, grease and body soils.

Avoid cross-contamination

As well as germs spreading on clothes, they can easily be passed from person to person on items such as towels and underwear. To avoid cross-contamination, try to avoid sharing towels or clothes. Labelling your kids’ clothes with their names and having colour-coded towels could help to avoid confusion in a busy family bathroom, or changing rooms during PE lessons at school.


Did you know that 90% of bacteria from your shoes can be transferred to your floors when they’re worn inside? This means that all kinds of nasties can be transferred easily into your home from the bottom of your shoes. To avoid this the spread of germs, we recommend you avoid wearing shoes indoors, keep your floors clean, and where possible wash your shoes regularly.

By using ACE in every wash, you can help protect your kids from germs and help them stay healthier for longer. Leaving them to explore and have more fun. You’ll also see brilliant results for both colours and whites.

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