It’s ACE To Be Back At School!

12/09/2017 - Stain Removal Tips

By now your little ones will be back in the classroom, meaning you’ll have a slightly more peaceful house – and only slightly less mess as no doubt they’ll come home covered in stains! To celebrate the start of term, we’re sharing your best #ACEMoments along with some tips for removing those pesky school spills such as ink, mud and grass. With ACE you can enjoy all the fun and excitement of a new term, keep the memories but remove the stains.

Proud Parents

Whether you’re sending your children off to school for the first time or have done it for years already, it’s still a big step – your not-so-little ones are becoming increasingly independent and grown up. Where does the time go? These parents share their special moments:

Amanda Rockeford via Facebook: “After just one day back hearing the teacher saying how lovely and helpful my daughter was. I could not help but feel proud of her!”

Sue Stoddart via Facebook: “My youngest has been quite sad since her big sister went back to school, but on Thursday she happily walked in with Ruby as Ruby made it into a little game… singing and holding hands! She didn’t cry when Ruby let go of her hand to walk into school. I’m proud of Ruby for looking after her little sister and helping me de-stress the situation.”

Rich Sollick via Facebook: “Our best moment so far is our eldest son getting the head teacher’s award in his first week in Year 3. He doesn’t find school easy so this is a real boost for him!”

Beth Williams via Facebook: “My moment was when my four-year-old daughter got ready for school after saying all summer she wasn’t going. She couldn’t wait to get her uniform on to see her friends. She then said ‘Mummy I’m going to miss you, but I got go school to be a big girl and get a job to look after animals’. At the same time she made me chuckle I had tears in my eyes.”

ACE Moments

There’s never a dull moment when you can appreciate the smaller things – whether it’s a laugh-out-loud moment or something you enjoy about your kids starting school again, we would love to hear it.

Becky Pay via Facebook: “As I started to cycle away from the school gate yesterday, one of the young children watched me and gasped… ‘Oh my goodness, you can ride without stabilisers!’ Made my day!”

Rosie Jones via Facebook: “My son, having been quiet for five minutes after I collected him, suddenly said with a cheeky grin on his face, ‘Mummy guess what! I found a girlfriend!’”

Karen Steel via Facebook: “Catching up with the other people in the school yard. So much has happened.”

Jade Rice via Facebook: “That moment you get back from drop-off and sit in peace with a coffee and some biscuits after six long weeks of being nagged!”

Nostalgic Ex-Students

Even if you haven’t been taking the kids back to school, it’s a perfect opportunity to reminisce about our rituals and traditions at the start of term, or even what it’s like when you go back to your old school as an adult…

Rachael Buckley via Facebook: “My back to school moment was always going to buy a new pencil case and stationery a week before school started! It made the first week back at school much more bearable.”

Kaye Willan via Facebook: “Wearing new shoes that are a size too big – ‘Ooh you will grow into them!’”

Gayatri Gogoi via Facebook: “My best back to school moment was going back to see my primary school once I’d graduated from high school. The hall I used to think was massive was actually tiny.”

Keeping Uniforms Pristine

You take your children to school wearing neatly ironed trousers, crisp shirts and shiny shoes. They come home with grass stains on the knees, ink on their sleeves, food dripped down their tops and scuffs all over their shoes. How does that even happen?

Luckily, ACE’s stain removal power means that even the toughest stains on the whitest shirts can be removed with ease. Pop a capful of ACE for Colours in your normal wash, or ACE for Whites in a white wash, for uniforms that look and feel like new all year. For those stains that need a little extra attention, read our tutorials on:

What are your favourite bits about going back to school, and what are your tips for keeping school uniforms clean and fresh? Join the conversation at @ACECLEANUK on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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