Is It Better to Air Dry Clothes Inside or Outside?

10/02/2023 - Laundry Tips

Whether you own a tumble dryer but want to save on energy costs or you don’t own a tumble dryer and are wondering, “where is the best place to air dry clothes?”, we are here to help.

There are many reasons why you should choose to air dry your clothes. It is a lot gentler on your clothes than a tumble dryer which makes your clothes last longer. It is environmentally friendly as you are saving energy and electricity, which consequently saves you money too; it also makes you more conscious of whether you need to wash your clothes. Finally, it reduces wrinkles which reduces the need to iron or steam – which also saves energy!

So, the question is, should you air dry your clothes inside or outside?

Air Drying Clothes: Inside vs. Outside

Pros & Cons of Drying Your Clothes Outside

One of the main benefits of hanging clothes outside to dry is that you gain from natural resources. The fresh air will help your eliminate odours from your clothes meaning they will smell fresher – Fresh air does even more than this too! Spending time outside, especially in the sunshine, increases your physical activity and helps you relieve stress. Knowing that you are saving money on energy costs and promoting energy conservation takes a weight off your shoulders as well.

However, there are some reasons not to dry your clothes outside. Unfortunately, we are all familiar with the unpredictability of the UK weather. No matter what season comes and goes, there is always guarantee of rain pours – sometimes when you least expect it! Also, can clothes dry outside in cold weather? Yes, they can, however the process is much longer and the UK winter weather is often too damp to dry clothes effectively. Even though there isn’t a specific temperature for drying clothes outside, as long as the air is dry enough, your clothes will dry eventually.

Tips for Drying Clothes Outside

  • Avoid drying darks and bright-coloured clothing directly in the sun as this may lead to fading; turn them inside out to reduce this risk
  • Make sure your whites dry directly in the sun and they will brighten up; this includes socks and underwear as the UV rays can destroy bacteria and odours
  • Always check the weather forecast before hanging your clothes outside and always be vigilant so, at the first sign of rain, you can bring your clothes inside

Pros & Cons of Drying Your Clothes Inside

Drying your clothes inside means you don’t have to rely on the hit-or-miss British weather conditions. You will still be saving energy if you don’t use a tumble dryer and are just using the heating you would normally use during the colder winter months. Plus, you are guaranteed dry air because it is warmer inside and it’s still environmentally friendly.

What is the most efficient way to dry clothes indoors? By loading your clothes airer tactically and creating a warm environment, your clothes will dry in no time. Whether that be by creating a drying pod by throwing a bed sheet over the airer and tucking it behind a radiator or placing it in direct sunlight, you will be able to dry your clothes efficiently.

However, you have to be aware of damp. Did you know that drying clothes inside can increase the damp in your property by around 30%? This may encourage mould growth which can turn into health problems and so much more. Ventilation is key when it comes to air drying inside, so remember to open windows, place clothes near a vent or invest in a dehumidifier.

Tips for Drying Clothes Inside

  • Use coat hangers to hang delicate items and save space and reduce the risk of wrinkles – don’t hang up jumpers though, these will dry better horizontally
  • Give your clothes a shake before you hang them up to also reduce the risk of wrinkles and prevent static cling
  • Don’t dry your clothes directly on the radiator as this will add additional moisture into the air
  • Load your clothes airer efficiently, with one inch between them, so the air can properly circulate and dry your clothes

So, what’s the best choice? Drying clothes inside and outside both have their pros and cons – and some of us may not have a choice between the two. One thing we would agree on though is air drying is better than machine drying. Although it takes longer, there are many more benefits and the results are just the same, if not better with less wrinkles!

Make sure you always choose ACE for Colours and ACE for Whites, so your clothes are always bright and all stains are removed – once they’re dry, your clothes will look and feel brand new. Follow us for more tips at @acecleanuk on Facebook and Instagram.

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