Introducing New ACE Product: ACE Ultra for Colours

11/08/2023 - ACE News

We’re excited to announce there’s a new product being added to the ACE collection! We’ve been working hard to bring you another versatile, reliable and stain-tackling formula for your cleaning cupboard and we’re thrilled that the day has finally arrived.

A new and improved version of ACE for Colours, this ACE cleaner has been revamped with extra stain removal power, even on a cold wash!

At ACE, we aim to always elevate and provide the most effective stain removers for our customers. Take a look at the new features of ACE Ultra for Colours.

What’s New with ACE Ultra for Colours?

We have enhanced the product whilst maintaining our strong reputation for tackling tough stains:

  1. Improvements have been made to our formula, so there is now extra stain removal power against beverages and grease, whilst continuing to provide excellent performance on stains such as food, cosmetics, outdoor and body soils.
  2. The formula is now active from 20 degrees, which is 10 degrees lower than the original ACE for Colours, enhancing sustainability and energy saving practices.
  3. Lastly, the size of the lid has decreased in order to reduce plastic production by 15%.

What Does This Mean for Customers?

As our customers are always at the forefront of product development, the ACE team have made these changes to bring even more benefits to you, including:

  • You will be able to keep your favourite clothes cleaner for longer
  • You will spend less money on replacing clothes because of this too
  • You will save on energy bills by washing at lower temperatures
  • You will relax and enjoy making memories with your friends and family knowing that ACE can tackle any stains

A Word from the ACE Team

Christ Honeyball, UK Senior Brand and Category Manager for ACE, said:

“ACE Ultra for Colours is another innovative product we are bringing to the market that provides customers with our best formulation to date, without compromising on value for money.

With its improved performance on tough stains in cold washes, we are ensuring our customers can keep their clothes looking as good as new whilst reducing their environmental impact and saving money.”

How to Use ACE Ultra for Colours

Whether you’re machine washing or hand washing, ACE is easy to use and will always deliver great results:

Directions for Machine Washing

  1. Add your detergent in the drawer as usual
  2. Fill the dosing cap with ACE and pour the product directly into the drum, on top of your laundry
  3. Start the wash immediately
    • Load: 4-5kg, Dose: x2 50ml
    • Load: 7kg, Dose: x2 75ml

For difficult stains or persistent odours, pre-treat with ACE for Colours Spray.

Directions for Hand Washing

  1. Add x2 50ml of ACE to your usual detergent
  2. Add the laundry and let it soak for 1 hour
  3. Rinse thoroughly

Directions for Household Cleaning

  1. Diluted Product: Add x2 50ml of ACE into 5 litres of water
  2. Pure Product: Pour ACE directly onto surfaces and rinse off with water as usual

The new ACE Ultra for Colours is now available in Sainsbury’s and soon to be launching in Morrisons, so shop today!

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