How to Remove Stains From Tablecloths Using ACE

13/03/2017 - Stain Removal Tips, Videos

Your tablecloth will bear the brunt of whatever is on the menu and leave you with some tricky and colourful stains to remove. Whether it’s gravy, curry or tomato sauce spilt at your table, our tutorial will help keep tablecloths good as new.

Step 1: Place in the washing machine
Take the stained tablecloth and put it into the washing machine along with other whites.

Step 2: Pour
Pour your usual washing machine detergent into the appropriate tray.

Step 3: Fill
Pour ACE For Whites, up to the top, into the appropriate space or the softener tray.

Step 4: Wash
Start the wash as usual and at the end of the cycle, your tablecloth will be as white as new.

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