How to Decrease the Cost of House Cleaning

27/05/2015 - Cleaning Tips

People look for savings in all parts of their budget and cleaning is no exception. With these helpful tips it will become easier to make smaller and bigger savings.

Customers in the UK spend £1 billion a year on cleaning products. With a big family and a big house you are always looking for savings. Even if you live alone and your space for cleaning is not that big you will want to spend as little money as possible. Here are some simple solutions that you have not probably thought about that will help you save here and there.

Cleaning the house with a hoover

Cutting hover bags

Hoovers are expensive and so are paper bags you need to use for them. The problem is that most of them are one-time use only, unless you apply a smart trick. When the red light is showing on you device telling you that it’s time to change the bag, take it out but don’t throw away. Instead empty it by cutting small part of the bottom and then just fold one or two layers and grab it by staples, paper clips or whatever else seems applicable. This way you’ll use your bag more than once.

Save on scourers

Keep two of the net bags that lemons and oranges come in. Put one inside the other and scrunch up to make a very efficient scouring pad.
Vinegar for almost everything

Vinegar is a very versatile food ingredient but can be also used to replace different chemicals in the kitchen. If you cooked strong smelling food like a lot of onion or curry, boil a cup of distilled white vinegar with a couple of cloves in an uncovered saucepan for a few minutes.

If you want to create your own surface cleaner mix one part distilled white vinegar with two parts water and a good squeeze of lemon juice. It will help you as well in the kitchen as in the bathroom.

A drop of vinegar on a scrunched-up pad of old newspaper is brilliant for cleaning windows.

Do you use other smart ways while cleaning your house? Share them with other in the comments.

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