How to Clean the House After a Party?

26/03/2015 - Cleaning Tips

Parties at home are lots of fun but remember to include cleaning in your exciting plans. Don’t get scared but get ready and plan ahead.

When you party at home you invite only those you genuinely like, you don’t have to pay a lot of money for drinks and food or for a cab to get back home. All is fantastic but… cleaning. Someone has always has dropped that greasy sausage on your sofa or spoiled red wine on the beige carpet. But this is all manageable and even the worst stains can be removed.

House Party

Get ready

Include buying cleaning agents in your party preparation. Buy those that are most necessary and are multi-purpose.

If there is a particular piece of furniture in your house that you’re worried about, cover it with a blanket. If you are organising a do with a friend, partner or housemate make them aware that cleaning is a shared responsibility, so you’ll not end up doing everything on your own. Last but not least, don’t plan anything else for the day after the party, so you can spend on cleaning as much time as necessary and still get a chance to rest.

Don’t start right away

It is tempting to start cleaning as soon as the last guest leaves, so next morning you can wake up to a clean house, but if you clean straight after the party, you will be even more tired and will find cleaning part too much to handle.

After your guests leave do simple things for no longer than 30 minutes – collect the dishes and leave them in a bowl of water until next day, collect big rubbish and tidy up the kitchen. You’ll take care of the rest in the morning when you will feel relaxed.

Share the responsibilities and take breaks

Before you start, decide what you’re going to do first and what’s going to be left until the end. Or, if you are cleaning with another person, share the responsibilities at the beginning and agree on them, so there is no misunderstanding later on.

Break the work in to maximum 2 hours blocks and have rest in between, watch TV, read a book, go out or do something else that will help you to keep the balance.

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