How Can You #ACEit?

21/02/2018 - ACE News

The team at ACE is looking for bloggers to #ACEit. Whether you’re a parent battling the stains that come with every day life, an enthusiastic chef getting creative in the kitchen or a mud-splattered athlete, get in touch!

We love working with you and seeing all the different ways in which you ACE life, as well as how our range of stain removal and household cleaning products allow you to remove the stains, but keep the memories of having fun.

Messy play is a crucial part of learning and development for children, and getting muddy is part and parcel of playing outdoor sports. The kitchen is the centre of the home with all sorts of splashes and spills when cooking and well, it’s not glamorous, but everyone needs to clean their bathroom and clothes.

Cleaning up doesn’t need to be a big chore – with ACE you can #ACEit in life and at home, making light work of housework and giving you more time to spend doing what you love.

We’ve recently collaborated with Daisies & Pie, who wrote this awesome review of our ACE Power Mousse. She put it to the test on all her family’s regular stains including mud, cranberry juice and Bolognese sauce. It’s a really versatile product as she also zapped her bathroom, effortlessly removing limescale and leaving her tiles sparkling clean.

With a whole host of other messy problems, Matt’s Café gave ACE a try when it came to cleaning his kitchen – just look at what ACE Power Mousse did to the cooker! When challenged with red wine, curry sauce and oil stains, there was nothing that ACE for Colours and ACE for Whites couldn’t handle and remove without a trace.

You might have seen our recent collaboration, too, with Me, Him, The Dog and A Baby. If you, like her, have to pack your child three changes of clothes every day for nursery and need an easy way to keep on top of your laundry pile, why not make ACE your go-to brand?

Whatever it is you love doing that makes a mess, and if you’re a blogger looking for a brand to work with, drop us a message on FacebookInstagram or Twitter to tell us how you can #ACEit!

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