Homemade gifts for the children to create for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day, which falls on Sunday 22nd March this year, marks the day for honouring those special women in your life. On this day, it’s common for the children of the family to shower their mums or grandmothers with signs of affection including giving cards, sending flowers, making breakfast in bed or cooking Sunday lunch.

This year get the children to add the personal touch to their Mother’s Day gift by creating something homemade. Not only will it make Mum feel really treasured, but it will also give her something with character that’s completely unique.

We won’t beat around the bush: some of the gift ideas below will get messy but don’t fear. It’s nothing the ACE Stain Remover Spray won’t solve – whether that’s on hard surfaces or the laundry. So, if you’re ready to get creative and crafty here are some homemade gift ideas especially for Mother’s Day.

Bake a cake

Grab the mini apron, put on the chef’s hat, wash your hands and get baking with the children. From cookies and cupcakes, to tarts and sponges, there are an abundance of easy-peasy recipes out there suitable for the children to get their hands on. Take a look at BBC Good Food’s kids’ baking collection for inspiration. We especially like the look of the Chocolate Jungle Jam Jar and Ubercorn Biscuits.


Make a friendship bracelet

Friendship bracelets are a traditional, decorative symbol of friendship, from one person to another, and they’re so simple to make. All you need is two colours of thread, cut into four lengths of each colour. Tie together in a knot a couple of inches from the ends. Tape and pin the ends down onto a flat surface and start arranging the colours so that the colours start to alternate. Hobby Craft has a great tutorial to follow, as does The Red Kitchen.

Write a letter

It’s such a simple idea but one which is heartfelt and can be read repeatedly. Ensure the children include reasons why they love their mum, as well as adding in some doodles and maybe even applying some colour and glitter glue to make it look truly personalised. We promise mums everywhere will recognise and be touched by the love and thoughtfulness that’s been put into every word.


Make some jam

Homemade jams or preserves are an excellent Mother’s Day gift – especially for those breakfast lovers. Simply choose Mum’s favourite fruits and follow a recipe to create a pot of your own fruity preserve. BBC Good Food offers this huge selection of different jams to choose from.

Paint a canvas

Your children don’t have to be the next Picasso or Banksy to create beautiful and meaningful wall art for their mums. Although you can make the canvas yourself, we advise purchasing some from leading craft stores for ease. Once you have your piece of canvas, lay out the colourful acrylic paints, invite your children to be the artists and watch them create a unique piece of art using their fingers, feet and even elbows.


Make soap

Homemade soaps are a lovely gift idea for Mother’s Day. Ingredients are minimal, the process is pretty straightforward, and the results are amazing. Plus, it’s a great way of ditching single-use plastic too. The crafts team at Prima has come up with this step-by-step guide for making soap for beginners.

There are hundreds of ways children can show they love their mums on Mother’s Day: just remember that whatever they choose to create is from the heart. We’d love to see their creations so please do share on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles @ACECleanUK.

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