New Year: Healthy recipes to beat the January blues

19/01/2018 - ACE Recipes

Some people love January for the opportunity to start afresh and set goals for the year. For others it means that Christmas and New Year celebrations are over, everyone is back at work and it’s cold. Whether you’re a few weeks into health and fitness resolutions, or whether you’re already begrudging the weather and daily routine, the team at ACE has pulled together a round-up of feel-good recipes. If it gets messy in the kitchen or at the dinner table, ACE Stain Remover is on hand to help you enjoy your meals worry-free.

Vegan cottage pie

Perfect for those of you taking part in Veganuary, and who doesn’t love a one-dish meal hot from the oven to warm the family? It’s even better if you can make a batch for the freezer to reheat for busy weeknights. This Sainsbury’s recipe is packed with rich herbs, spices and goodness – it even counts as four of your five portions of fruit and veg for the day. Will you top yours with crispy potato slices or the classic fluffy mash?

Full recipe and image from Sainsbury’s.

Orange and mustard pork with squash, parsnips and shallots

You can’t get much better than a tray of caramelised roasted veggies, which makes this recipe from Tesco a real winner. Squash and parsnips are winter favourites, while orange flavouring gives everyone a good dose of Vitamin C to boost the immune system. Serve by itself as a low-carb option, or with boiled potatoes and green veg to bulk the meal out further.

Full recipe and image from Tesco.

Chilli bean crumble

We saw this suggestion from Waitrose and couldn’t not try it. It’s made of store cupboard essentials but is something totally different to spice up your usual roster of meals. The Soffritto Mix is just diced carrots, onion and celery so you could easily make this bit yourself, and the vegan haggis is completely optional – although it is Burns Night on the 25th so very timely!

Full recipe and image from Waitrose.

Vegan roasted carrot risotto

This is another recipe that is super easy and affordable but wouldn’t look out of place at any restaurant. Most supermarkets now sell packs of rainbow carrots that would give your already-vibrant risotto something extra special, whilst the toasted seeds pack a protein punch. We know what we’re making this weekend…

Full recipe and image from Tesco.

Sausage and bean casserole

If you’re fed up of making sausages, baked beans and either mashed potato or chips – here’s something new you can do with your children’s favourite ingredients! If you’ve got particularly fussy little ones, switch in the vegetables they do like for a simple and healthy weeknight meal. Sainsbury’s recommends serving it with crusty bread, but we reckon homemade wedges or baked potatoes would work just as well.

Full recipe and image from Sainsbury’s.

Sticky pomegranate chicken and winter roots traybake

This tasty traybake recipe has a couple of things that you might not usually buy – pomegranate molasses and tahini – but we promise they wouldn’t be a waste of money. Pomegranate molasses is really popular in Middle Eastern cooking and can be added to anything from cocktails to casseroles for a rich flavour boost. As for tahini – well, who doesn’t love houmous?

Full recipe and image from Waitrose.

Vegetable pad thai

If you’re a regular at making Asian food you might have some tamarind sauce in your cupboard. If not, you won’t lose flavour in a meal that already contains chilli, lime and garlic. For a vegetarian or vegan version omit the fish sauce, or for a meaty version add king prawns or chicken. Why get takeaway or packet noodles when Tesco makes it so easy to make something fresh and delicious?

Full recipe and image from Tesco.

Seafood soup

After a day in the rain and cold, and especially if you’re feeling under the weather, rustle up this hearty soup in less than half an hour. Curl up on the sofa and enjoy – and save some leftovers for lunch the next day. If you’d like something a little more filling, why not add in some pasta for a minestrone-inspired twist?

Full recipe and image from Sainsbury’s.

Remember, when picking up your shopping at Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose (or lots of other retailers!) you can pick up a bottle of ACE Stain Remover in the laundry aisle. What are your favourite recipes to make at this time of year? Show us what you’ve been cooking at @ACECLEANUK on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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