Father’s Day: DIY gifts for Dad

12/06/2019 - ACE News

When it comes to thanking our dads, sometimes a store-bought gift won’t show our appreciation enough. With this in mind, the team at ACE has found some great gifts that the kids can make for Dad without getting (too) messy! Once the arts and crafts session is over, let ACE take care of it!

Moustache mug

If your other half loves a cuppa then this fun and easy-to-make moustache mug will be perfect for them! Pop to the shops and grab a plain mug, a sharpie, porcelain gel and a porcelain pen. First, draw a moustache outline on one side of the mug just below the rim, then trace around this with the porcelain pen. Once you’re happy with the outline, fill in the moustache with the porcelain gel (it will take a few coats, but be patient!). Finally, follow the directions on the gel and bake at the recommended temperature for the specified time. Get even more creative with drawing a mouth, bow-tie or anything else that Dad loves!

Love you this much card

If the kids want to show their dad exactly how much they love them, then the ‘This Much Card’ couldn’t be better. To make the card, start by tracing your child’s hand and cut out two copies. Secondly, cut a strip of paper and fold it accordion style. Once this is done, use rub-on letters, or a felt tip, to mark the words “I Love You” on each hand, and “This Much” on the strip of paper. Finally, glue the ends of the strip of paper onto the insides of the hands and the card is done!

Father’s care package

Dads need looking after too, so what better way to do this than by creating them a hamper full of all their favourite things? If you’re stuck for ideas, pick up their favourite chocolate bar (or bars!) from the shop, add a pair of socks and we’re sure a bottle of beer wouldn’t be amiss! Whatever you decide to add in, wrap each item up and find a hamper, or wrap up an old shoe box, to pop them all in. We struggle to think of anyone that wouldn’t love this thoughtful gift!

Beer bouquet

This fab alcohol-fuelled version of a traditional bunch of flowers is perfect for those fathers that like to relax with a bottle of cold beer. Before you start, grab a crate of their favourite bottled beer (for alcohol-free versions use a bottled soft drink). To create the bouquet, cut out paper roses from red card and the leaves from green card. Roll the red paper cut outs around the top of the beer bottle and use a couple of bits of double sided tape to secure them in place. Add the leaves to the side also using double sided tape and present them with some tissue paper in a six-pack holder. We’re certain dad will love this kind of bouquet!

How are you celebrating Father’s Day? Show us your Father’s Day creations at @ACECLEANUK on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Don’t forget to pick up a bottle of ACE in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose (and lots of other retailers) to remove any stains created whilst making your great gifts!

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