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Can I use ACE for Colours at all temperatures?

Yes, ACE for Colours is suitable for washing at all temperatures. Of course, you’ll have to check clothing labels and wash at the temperature recommended by the manufacturer.

Can I use ACE for Colours in my washing machine’s pre-wash cycle?

We recommend that you do not use Ace for Colours for pre-washing fabric. Using Ace for Colours in the pre-wash will not help you get the best results, as the product has not been formulated for a pre-wash cycle. We suggest therefore to use it to pre-treat the garments (maximum 5 minutes) and add to the drum. Follow the instructions on the bottle of ACE For Colours.

Can I use ACE for Colours on delicate/wool/silk/coloured items?

Yes, but when using use ACE for Colours on delicate/wool/silk/coloured items first check the care label, which contains the instructions for washing (if the garments should be washed only by ‘Dry Clean’, by hand etc). For garments with silk and wool/wool blend, we recommend the use of detergents specifically designed for this type of fabric. Ace for Colours has been approved by Woolmark for removing stains from clothes washed in the water bearing the mark PURE WOOL. Follow the instructions and directions on the label sewn to the garment.

Can I use ACE for Colours to pre-treat?

Yes, ACE for Colours can be used to pre-treat clothes before washing. Follow the instructions for use on the packaging and not let the product dry on clothing. When pre-treating, avoid metal parts, such as zippers, buttons, etc. For best results, we recommend that you still use 100ml of ACE for Colours in your washing machine as normal.

Can I use ACE for Colours to wash baby clothes?

Of course. ACE for Colours is perfectly suited for children’s clothes, as long as you follow both the instructions on the bottle and the washing instructions on the care label.

I have heard that Ace for Colours contains bleach, I’m worried that with continued use will cause my clothes to wear out.

ACE for Colours is a mild bleach – we assure you that the product has been extensively tested and: we have test results that show using ACE Gentle in every wash, when used as recommended, does not affect the durability of the garments.

I have to wash one garment that has a stain. Should I ‘pre-treat’ it?

To get the best results from Ace for Colours it is recommended that you pre-treat the stain as shown on the bottle, then add 100ml of the product to hand washing or to the washing cycle in a washing machine, in addition to the washing detergent.

I usually use a liquid detergent. Is it okay if I mix ACE for Colours with the detergent in my machine’s dispenser?

No. For best results, we recommend that you do not mix the two products, but to follow the instructions on the bottle; put ACE for Colours into the washing machine directly above the laundry.

There are pink marks on my clothes after washing with ACE Ultra for Whites. What can I do to remove these?

Sun cream has proved to be an issue for a small number of our customers when using ACE Ultra for Whites because it contains hypochlorite. If this ingredient comes into contact with other chemical products such as sun cream, then it may produce pink marks. These marks can be removed by simply washing again using a detergent and letting the clothes dry naturally, preferably in direct sunlight.

What happened to ACE Gentle?

ACE for Colours is the same product you know and love, just with an improved stain removal formula and a new name!

Will ACE for Colours fade clothes with frequent use?

Frequent washing with ACE for Colours and a detergent will not cause your garments to fade. To prolong the life of your clothes it is important to remember to follow the instructions for use on the bottle of ACE for Colours, always use a suitable detergent and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the label of the garment.

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