A dog-owners guide to using Ace

13/02/2020 - Cleaning Tips, Laundry Tips

A dog-owners guide to using ACE. Written by Laura (@prettylittlehome.x).

Having a pet is one of the best things in the world. A pet will give you love, happiness and comfort, they are part of our family and we love them unconditionally, even when they run through the house leaving a trail of muddy paw prints behind them.

Luckily, ACE have many products available to remove any type of stains left behind from our beloved pets.

Ace Stain Remover Spray

The most difficult stains to remove from carpets, sofas, pet beds and clothes is mud. After those muddy dog walks, mud can get everywhere but the best thing to do is let the mud dry before attempting to clean it up as washing when still wet can spread the dirt and make it a lot worse.

Once the mud has dried, firstly vacuum over the stains to pick up any clumps and then simply spray the stain with ACE stain remover and leave to soak for 30 minutes. Be sure to test the stain remover spray in an inconspicuous area first!

Once the 30 Minutes is up, simply wipe with a damp cloth until the stain has gone!

Ace stain remover spray can also be used for those pesky dribble marks left on sofas, again be sure to test on an inconspicuous area first. Simply spray onto the stained area and wipe away with a damp cloth.

ACE for Colours

Pets love to jump up at you in excitement, or when they are happy to see you and will quite often leave a muddy print on your favourite pair of trousers or a grass stain on your favourite t-shirt.

Luckily Ace for colours works wonders on these types of stains.

To use as a pre-treatment, mix one tablespoon with 6 tablespoons of warm water and rub the mixture onto the stain, leave for 5 minutes before popping into the washing machine.

You can also use Ace for Colours alongside your usual detergent to remove any stains left on clothes, pet beds and blankets.

 ACE for Whites

Pets love nothing more than comfort, so snuggling up on your freshly made bed must be heaven for them.

But don’t fret about those muddy stains or those accidents that can sometimes occur! Ace for whites is fabulous at removing any type of stains from your lovely white bedding.

Ace for whites can be used in your washing machine or by hand on those delicate fabrics.

Simply follow the instructions on the bottle and watch your bedding come out stain-free and extra white.

You can now enjoy those long muddy walks with your four-legged friends without having the worry of removing those stains afterwards, all thanks to ACE!

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