DIY Mother’s Day: Cards to make with the children

08/03/2018 - Family Activities

With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, the team at ACE has been looking for the best cards to recreate with your little ones. Instead of dashing out to the supermarket to buy gifts this Saturday, why not spend a couple of hours making them yourself? These designs are super simple, fun and leave you with a meaningful keepsake to hang on to for years to come. ACE means you don’t need to worry about the mess, with fab products to help you remove the stains but keep the memories – and of course, Mother’s Day is all about those special family memories.

Scribble flowers

We LOVE this design from Mama Is Dreaming – don’t you? It’s much simpler than it looks, too. All you need are some scraps of coloured or patterned card, black marker pens, scissors and either tape or glue. Ask the children to draw flowers with the marker pen on the card scraps. Roughly cut them out (or you can do it if they’re not old enough to use scissors) and stick them down with a loop of tape or glue. Draw on the stems and leaves and voila – you’re done!

Tea-riffic puns

Okay, so this one is actually a card sold by Not On The High Street, but there’s nothing to stop you raiding the kitchen for crafting materials. Don’t stop at dry pasta when you can make a punny, if a little fragile, card using just a teabag and some creativity with a black pen. Another idea is to stick down some coffee beans with a message… “I love my Mum like she loves coffee… always there to pick me up!”.

Splatters and negative space

The Organised Housewife gave us this idea in a blog about homemade crafts for Mother’s Day. With just some paint and masking tape you can have something that looks really special. Lay down the tape on a blank card in a word or shape of your choice – LOVE, MUM, NAN, a heart or, if you’re feeling adventurous, her favourite animal or flower. Splat on some paint in whichever colours you’d like, spread it around a little bit with your fingers, leave to dry and peel the tape off.

The perfect duo

For the Mums who like baking and/or flowers, this one is a real winner. You can follow the tutorial from I Heart Crafty Things or wing it by layering up different coloured cupcake cases and filling the middle with glitter, buttons or screwed up tissue paper. Add stems to make flowers, or two strips of ribbon for a ‘Best Mum’ rosette!

Measuring up

This is meant to be a Father’s Day card but really, what does that matter? Tiff Keetch shows you how to recreate this 3D card… draw around your child’s hands and cut them out, writing ‘I love you…’ on the front. Fold a long strip of paper into a concertina and write ‘this much!’ on it. Stick the two ends on the inside of the hands and there you have it. Tiff has used letter rub-ons but handwritten is just as nice, even better if it’s accompanied by a message on the back.

Are you making your own Mother’s Day cards this year? Hopefully we’ve inspired you to get creative – make sure you tag us on FacebookInstagram or Twitter to show us how you #ACEit!

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