Autumn comforts: Hearty meals for the colder nights

25/09/2018 - ACE Recipes

With autumn fast approaching, summer berries and BBQs are now being replaced with cold nights, soup and crumble. We know it can be hard to think of healthy but filling meals – especially when it’s getting cold and you want something hot – so the team here at ACE have gathered some of our favourite autumn recipes, from BBC Good Food, for you to try. Once you have finished cooking and enjoying the recipes, remove the stains but keep the memories by using ACE on any mess on kitchen surfaces, tablecloths or clothing.

Veggie Soup with Cheesy Toast – Something for Everyone to Love

We all need to eat plenty of veg a day, but what better way to accompany it than with some cheesy toast? Great for any busy, but health-conscious, parents – this quick-to-make, low-fat and, most importantly, guilt-free soup is the perfect comforting meal for a cold evening or a hearty lunch.

Baked Autumn Pudding – Fruity Flavours Forever

Whether you have some fruit lying around, a dinner party to prep for, or just fancy a nice seasonal dessert; this fruit-filled pudding is sure to be a winner. With the option to use whatever autumnal fruit you wish, you really can personalise your pudding! When you don’t have much spare time, cooking a dessert can be an extra faff, but this recipe is quick to make and can be prepared the day before it’s being eaten – giving you the extra time to spend with family, friends or whoever you may be cooking for.

Spiced chicken, spinach and sweet potato stew – One-pot Perfection

This healthy one-pot is everything you need in a meal – low fat, low calorie and three of your 5-a-day. For those of you who do your weekly meal prep, this recipe is the perfect quick dish to heat up for your lunch or dinner later in the week – and with minimal washing up!

Autumn Crumble – The Perfectly Sweet End to a Meal

A warm pudding is something everyone needs to finish off a lovely meal in the autumnal weather. Get the family involved in making the topping or chopping the fruit for this delicious autumn crunchy crumble – you can also change up the filling and use fruit to everyone’s taste. Even though we are sure there will be no left-overs from this yummy dessert; you can pop it in the freezer if necessary.

Sweet potato-topped cottage pie – A Change from the Classic

Sweet potato has almost become a fashion food over the last year – so why not add it to your cottage pie? By switching spuds you can make this British classic slightly more nutritious. A traditional Sunday afternoon meal, this quick-to-prepare pie can be left to cook while you put your feet up.


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