Cleaning Stains on the Go

12/05/2015 - Cleaning Tips

Whether you spoiled your clothes with coffee or pen ink there is a way to save your precious garment and look good for the rest of the day.

In the morning, you chose your outfit carefully as you wanted to look spotless at that interview later in the day or during an important meeting with your boss. You kept the clothes clean throughout the morning but then you started eating your lunch. Even though you were really careful… juice, ink, ketchup, chocolate or anything else – you name it, spoiled your clothes.

Man knocking glass of wine over

Don’t panic and don’t worry! Almost every stain can be cleaned – it only needs a relevant treatment. Here is an emergency guide how to clean the worst ones and still look good at the meeting.

Before you add any type of chemical or natural cleanser you need to treat it with a small amount of warm running water. Remember not to put the clothing close to a heater and also avoid putting pressure on the stain before cleaning it. Otherwise the stain will set in your clothes and it will be impossible to remove it later. Whatever you do, do it gently.

If you poured red wine, grape or pomegranate juice you will want to use cooking salt to clean it. It also works well on stains from deodorants and sweat.

Coffee and tea are some of the most popular causes of stains caused on the go – someone pushed you on the street and here you go. For this kind of stains use vinegar or lemon juice. They will also help with stains from glue and tape. Quick rinse and dry plus lemon will be enough to get rid of even some of the worst stains. But remember not to use lemon on the wool.

While trying clothes in shop’s changing room lipstick mark stayed on your white shirt? Make a ball out of soft part of the bread and rub it on the stain. It will be effective even with wool.

If your make-up makes even more mess because of liquid foundation or mascara you can use artificial sweetener to remove the stains from the clothes. Just put the powder on the stain, leave it for a while and then gently rub it off.

Of course, you can use Ace to clean these garments once you get back to the shelter of home!

If you know any other helpful tips how to clean the stains on the go share them in comments.

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