Cleaning Apps That Will Clean the House With You

29/04/2015 - Cleaning Tips

You’ve heard already that there is a mobile app for everything. Everything surely doesn’t exclude house cleaning? 

Here are some examples of apps available for your mobile device that may come handy when you need a little nudge to clean your house.

Cleaning Apps

Spring Cleaning Checklist

It’ll help you plan and deliver your home spring clean but really you can use this app all year round. It is a simple (but long) checklist of everything you need to take a closer look during cleaning different parts of the house, e.g. kitchen, living areas, home office etc. Apart from that it will offer you tips on family cleaning day and even has a music playlist to help you relax during the whole process. That comes in handy!

Of course you do Love Cleaning House and of course you will love the app with the same name too. It’s colourful, funny and easy to use. It offers you help in 4 different options of cleaning, depending how much time you have. Cleaning “plans” start from 5 minutes “Emergency cleaning” and finish on doable 2 hours “Super Sparkle”. You cannot see the next step until you complete the previous one, so each time you do you will feel a sense of accomplishment. You’ll love cleaning house with this app.

Apps like Clean House and Fairshare are great help if you need to schedule cleaning with other people living in shared accommodation. Instead of using old-school rota stuck to a fridge with a magnet you can set up reminders and schedules for who is cleaning what. With Fairshare you can create a group with people you want to share chores with and every time something is done you can tick and it’ll disappear from your list. Apart from cleaning activities you can schedule a movie night together and the app will tell you if you need to cook for it or clean after.

FlyHelper and Home Routine will take you through routines and tasks of a whole day. You will be able to add your own tasks and routines or upload default ones to follow. They start on waking up in the morning until going back to bed in the evening and include every possible lifestyle. Apart from that, Fly Helper offers help with scheduling your meals.

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