How to Clean and Disinfect Bathroom Fixtures with ACE

13/03/2017 - Cleaning Tips, Videos

Limescale, germs and water marks can build up on sinks, baths, toilets and surfaces. ACE is here to keep your bathrooms hygienic and sparkling clean.

Step 1: Spray
Spray ACE Power Mousse onto the basin, around the taps, onto the steel of the plughole and over all the points where limescale is most stubborn.

Step 2: Leave it to work
Leave it for a few seconds so that the mousse can work on the limescale.

Step 3: Clean
Using a damp sponge spread the mousse over the rest of the ceramic surface to clean the area.

Step 4: Rinse
Rinse the sponge with water and wipe over the bathroom suite to remove the foam and leave a pleasant clean odour.

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