How to Clean a Dirty Car?

01/02/2015 - Cleaning Tips

You just know when you get into a car that belongs to a family and not to a single person or a couple. The reason for that is not only a baby seat but a mess. Back seats are full of children’s magazine, empty packs of crisps, chewing gums, empty candy papers and drinks bottles and possibly dog’s hair. It’s not an easy task to keep a family car clean, because of children’s tendency to make a mess and parents usually not having enough time to clean it. The problem is that eventually you’ll get to the point when you’ll HAVE to do it. Otherwise you’ll be too ashamed not only to give a lift to anybody but to even get in the dirty car yourself.

Cleaning a dirty car

If you reached that point, make yourself ready for a big tidy up and better find a good companion to help you. Prepare bin bags, hover, air freshener and different cleaning agents. It is a good idea to get a child or children involved, so they can learn a lesson for the future.
Start from picking up all the rubbish that you can see – that includes all things mentioned above. Clean all the holes that someone may have stacked anything.

Then hoover the upholstery. Only then you can start polishing the surfaces. If you do these tasks in reverse order you will end up will the dust from the hover stack to freshly clean surfaces. If you have greasy and hard to clean stains on your upholstery there are different ways to clean them. Drivers recommend laptop cleaning foams and all surfaces cleaning agents, especially for the plastic parts. But remember, if you have a stain that really doesn’t want to come off, better see a specialist than clean it with the substances you’re not sure about.
To clean the chewing gums, freeze them with ice cubes and then rub them off with a thick hair brush. Use the latter to clean dog’s hair as well.
Does your car look better now? Now it’s the time to introduce rules related to the cleanliness of your vehicle, so you and your family don’t need to spend another Saturday morning on cleaning but can rather enjoy a ride.

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