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December is almost upon us, and with that comes the classic debate – when is the right time to decorate your home for Christmas? Tradition dictates that Christmas trees should be put up at the beginning of Advent – the fourth Sunday before Christmas – and staying up until the Twelfth night, which will typically be 5th or 6th January, depending on whether you count Christmas Day as the first day.

Regardless of whether you are a Christmas fanatic or not, we appreciate now is a time of potentially getting carried away with all the tempting offers on lights, glitter, foliage and figurines and running the risk of breaking the bank to beautify your home. Below, the team at ACE have shared with you some purse-friendly and creatively easy ideas that all the family can help make to sprinkle some festive magic throughout the home.

Christmas by candlelight

There is something truly romantic and festive about candlelight. Remember that collection of old jam jars you have in the shed. Well now is the time to dust off the cobwebs and make good use of them, thanks to the Inspired Room. This idea is seriously so simple. Clean out your jam jars so the glass is rid of any smears. Once completely dry, fill the bottom of the jar with some glistening ‘snow,’ which can easily be replicated with Epsom salts and silver or white glitter mixed together. Place a tealight or white candle on the ‘snow’ and light as and when required.


Christmas wreaths

The first step to making your Christmas wreath is to ensure you have the essential materials – all of which can be purchased at your local garden centre. The products include a sturdy pair of scissors, wire, a wreath ring and moss sheet. You will also need plenty (and we mean plenty) of foliage to cover the base of the wreath, which can easily be found in the garden, local parks or wooded areas. Berried holly, birch branches and ivy are particularly ideal. And don’t forget to add some pretty baubles to the mix too!

Once you have collated the decorative foliage, it’s time to cut the stems. Bloom and Wild recommends that you make about 18 groups of two to three different stem lengths to ensure you can fill your wreath. Once you have the groups, you will need to wrap the moss sheet around the wreath ring, followed by the wire, clockwise around the moss. Ensure you pull the wire tightly and when you have completed the full circle, cut the wire and twist the edges together.

Now you are ready to start arranging, tightly secure the smaller stems first, followed by the second length, the third, and so on. Always ensure you tuck the last section of stems beneath the previous ones. Keep going, until you are happy that your wreath is completely covered and voila your wreath is complete.


Christmas Crackers

Homemade crackers are not too difficult to make and mean that you have complete control of what small and exciting gift you put inside too. Give your Christmas dinner table the personal touch by following this step-by-step guide by Jamie Oliver’s favourite designer. Just make sure you start putting away those loo roll tubes to ensure you have enough!



Transform your fireplace mantel into a festive display with your very own DIY Christmas stocking. This is one the children will most definitely help in creating. B&Q have these super cute red and white stockings available at just £1 or alternatively if you are good with the sewing machine, use a collection of old scarves or blankets to create the stockings.

Get out the glues, glitter, paint, stickers, pens and so on and apply the personal touch by creating your very own, personalised Christmas stocking.


Wrap your picture frames

Around every home, are pictures of loving memories or pieces of artwork, which can easily be turned into wrapped up presents. Simply use your leftover Christmas paper, to wrap up the frames and hang them back up on the wall. This is a great one for those who need a little practice with perfecting their wrapping skills.


The purpose of these suggestions is to have fun this Christmas. Naturally with fun, comes mess so don’t forget to have an ACE Stain Remover Spray on hand to help wipe away any spillages.

Do you have any tried and tested homemade Christmas decorations? Do share with us at @ACECLEANUK on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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