Are Children’s Bedrooms The Messiest In The House?

22/08/2017 - ACE News

In a recent survey with Mumsnet and ACE, 45% of mums admit that the kids’ bedrooms are the messiest room(s) in the house. In fact, more people said that the children’s bedrooms are messiest than the kitchen (32%) and bathroom (10%) combined, and only 13% said that the laundry room is the messiest. No matter where the mess is in your house, ACE has a product to tackle it. Whether it’s stained clothes or fabrics, a food-stained kitchen or a bathroom with limescale, there’s now a high-performance and great value product in the range to ensure your whole house is sparkling clean, hygienic and stain-free!

Louise Lamb, Brand Manager at Robinson Young, the UK’s sole distributor of ACE, comments:

We were surprised by the results when we found out where in the house people are messiest. The team at ACE recognises how important it is to be carefree and have fun without boundaries, enjoying time with your family and having unrestricted play. As long as it doesn’t do any permanent damage, we think that messiness doesn’t really matter!

Spending quality time together is more important than making sure everything is perfectly tidy at all times, especially when we all have such busy lifestyles. ACE has been collaborating with lots of influencers this year, and it’s amazing how many parents are setting up their own blog-based enterprises whilst being a full-time caregiver.

We think kids’ bedrooms are probably messiest due to the fact that it’s a room that isn’t seen as often, especially by guests. A messy kitchen or bathroom would be a hygiene nightmare, but an untidy bedroom can still be clean, such as having piles of laundry and toys that haven’t been put away.

Having said that, if your kids are old enough to tidy it’s great to get them into good housekeeping practices early on. It’ll help you out in the long run and teach them life skills that they’ll need when they grow up. You can also make cleaning easy and fun, meaning that you can keep the little ones entertained whilst doing the chores.

As well as our best-selling stain removers, ACE for Colours and ACE for Whites, we now have a range of multi-purpose sprays and bathroom gels to take ACE’s stain removal power out of the laundry room and around the home. With ACE you can remove the stains, and keep the memories of family fun without getting annoyed.

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