Banish Stains from Your Cleaning Cloths with ACE

Why ACE For Colours stain removal powder is the perfect remedy for stained, unsightly microfibre cloths. Written by Annabelle Brittle (@cleanabelle).

Cleaning cloths. They’re our everyday heroes around the home, and we certainly put them through the wringer on a regular basis. We use them to mop up all kinds of messes, spills and stains, and inevitably their bright colours begin to fade and become tarnished.

I always hope to keep them looking clean and new for as long as possible, so what better way to test the dirt, stain, and odour removal properties of the new ACE For Colours powder, than by using some of my beloved cloths as guinea pigs?


ACE claim that their brand-new ACE for colours powder offers ‘effective stain removal and deep cleaning for white and coloured laundry.’ They also say it removes ‘particularly tough stains such as wine, tea, coffee and fruit, as well as bad odours, at just 30 degrees.’ So, I plan to put these claims to the test.

I will take some of my colourful microfibre cloths, and apply some tough stains which I commonly encounter to them.

Then, to really put this powder through its paces, I have decided to simply put them in a normal quick wash alongside other clothes at 30 degrees, rather than pre-treating or soaking them. This will keep the review as accurate to home life as possible, and will help me to decide just how effective ACE’s colour powder is. Once the cloths are washed, I will be looking for:

–         A fresh and clean appearance and feel

–         Absolutely no stains remaining

–         No odours remaining.



I selected four beautifully bright microfibre cloths, and covered them in:

–         Grass and mud stains, to replicate the stains on my partners football kit,

–         Soy sauce and a splash of red wine, to replicate those pesky takeaway stains,

–         Ketchup, to replicate orange food stains from various tomato-based sauces,

–         Black coffee, to replicate, well, coffee.

If I’m being totally honest, I’m a little sceptical about the coffee and grass stains coming out. I made up a very strong black coffee solution to test this with, and I know people often struggle to remove these kinds of stains. And thanks to my partner’s love of football, he knows just how hard it is to remove grass stains from fabric.

Once they had been soiled and left for half an hour, the cloths went into a normal wash alongside regular laundry, on a quick wash at 30 degrees. I simply added two tablespoons of the powder on top of my normal washing powder in the detergent drawer.

You can use the ACE For Colours powder to pre-treat or soak tough stains, but I decided to really test the limits of this stain remover’s power. Not only is it a quick wash, but it is also a cold one, meaning this powder is going to have to perform some kind of laundry miracle to rescue my microfibres. Wish them luck!


Well, I can’t quite believe this. After just 28 minutes in a 30-degree wash, somehow every single stain has vanished, even the dreaded coffee mark! I scrutinised every inch of each cloth, and honestly could not find a single tell-tale stain.

I have been an ACE customer for years, because my mum has been an ACE customer for years, and I’ve always trusted their products. But I have never tested them to such an extreme, with no pre-treatment or soaking, and I am amazed at the result.

To return to my original criteria, I was delighted to find that:

–         My cloths all felt and appeared beautifully clean after washing

–         There were absolutely no stains remaining

–         The only smell was the beautiful, floral scent of the powder itself.

With this in mind, I can’t help but give the ACE For Colours powder an absolutely glowing report. I am beyond impressed, and I now feel confident that I can tackle any stain, on any cloth, or anything else for that matter!

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