Back to school: Ditch the plastic!

06/09/2019 - ACE News, Parenting

Back to school: Ditch the plastic!

As the school term gets into full swing, you are probably finding yourself tackling mounds of school washing, endless packed lunches and staggeringly complex homework projects. As many of us are now aware, doing our bit for the environment provides benefits for everyone. It’s also teaching our children to think about choosing the right materials and the environmental impact caused by the products we throw away.

Plastic packaging is pretty hard to escape when shopping for school items, but there are a few ways in which you can help reduce the amount of plastic you are using on a daily basis. Here are some nifty ways in which you can swap plastic for more eco-friendly options:

Beeswax Wraps

Ditch the clingfilm in favour of reusable beeswax wraps, which are perfect for sandwiches as well as any other wrappable lunchtime treats. This handy pack of three different sized wraps is available on

Beeswax food wraps

Stainless Steel Tubs

For those leaky items, replace plastic tubs with these fab stainless-steel tubs with silicone lids. They promise to be 100% leak proof and the lids are a bit pretty too!  This set is available on

Stainless steel tubs

Plastic Free Drinks Bottles

Keeping hydrated at school is essential for keeping little brains active, but plastic bottles aren’t the only answer! Switching for a stainless-steel bottle is a great option and with tons of colours and designs to choose from, the kids are bound to be happy. These HoneyHolly bottles are also BPA free too and available on Amazon.

Plastic Free Drinks Bottles

Boxed washing powder

If you gathered together all of the washing liquid that you’ll need to get through the kids dirty washing over the course of a year, you’d be pretty shocked at the amount of plastic containers you’ll work your way through just on that one task alone. Opting for a boxed washing powder is a simple and convenient way to reduce your use of plastic containers. We recently launched our fully recyclable ACE boxed powder, so you can carry on using ACE for all your everyday washing needs without the worry of plastic wastage!

Boxed Washing Powder ACE Colour Powder Box

Degradable corn plastic calculator

This is super cool; a calculator that is made from Degradable Corn Plastic. It is made from renewable, yellow-coloured corn sources and will eventually fully degrade to carbon dioxide and water, or into plant food!

What’s your favourite plastic-free back to school hack? Let us know at @ACECLEANUK on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Don’t forget to pick up a box of ACE for Colours from your local Morrison’s store or Amazon.

Degradable corn plastic calculator


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