Autumn Crafts To Do With The Kids (That You’ll Enjoy Doing Too!)

22/09/2015 - Family Activities

Autumn’s on the horizon. The time when leaves of gold, orange and red will be littering the floor outside and chestnuts will be beginning to fall. Now is the time to make the most of all this natural beauty and get crafty with kids.


  • Make leaf bunting

Bring the spirit of the outdoors in and deck the rooms with reams of bunting. Take a stroll around a local park or wood and collect nicely coloured in-tact leaves. Get hold of a laminator (you can buy one for around £20 and afterwards use it for all kinds of things (like making wipe-clean activity sheets)). Laminate the leaves and cut them out so each one is in it’s own triangle. Punch two holes along the top and then thread and knot them together.

  • Glow Jars

Take some more nice leaves and modge podge them onto the outside of empty jam jars. Place a tealight inside, light it, and enjoy the glow.

  • Bark Rubbing

Using wax crayons and paper do some rubbings of interesting looking tree bark. Afterwards use some templates to cut out different shapes and letters from the rubbings. Put these on a black background and you’ve got instant artwork that’s a level above your typical fridge-art finger paintings.

  • Flower Pressing

Pick some flowers, put them in between some scrap paper inside the pages of a book. Pile more books on this book. Wait a week and then remove your pressed flowers and use them to decorate cards or make pictures.

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