“It’ll be all white, on the night”

How to have a stain-free Christmas

It is the most wonderful time of the year, but it also has a tendency to be one of the most stressful. Christmas is just around the corner, which means so are your family and friends, all set to fill your home with festive cheer and the inevitable – stains.

Not wanting your soiled garments, carpets and surfaces to ruin your festive merriment, the ACE team have developed some useful tips for removing these infamous Christmas stains to make it ‘All white, on the night.”

Red / Mulled wine / Port

Santa Claus may like a wee tipple of the red stuff, but red wine is one of the most common and scariest stains encountered over the festive celebrations. But it doesn’t have to be. As soon as you notice the stain on your garments, reach for the white wine. This counteracts the stain and makes it easier to remove. Pour a little amount directly onto the mark and blot with a clean, absorbent towel. Pop the item of clothing immediately into the wash with your usual detergent and a scoop of ACE for Colours Powder. Once the cycle has finished, allow to dry naturally rather than popping into a tumble dryer.

For red wine stains on the carpet, we recommend salt. Full directions can be found here.


Mud / Soot

No Christmas day is complete without a festive walk with the family, complete with hats, scarves and gloves. Despite it being just the medicine to walk off the Christmas dinner, there is always a guarantee one relative will forget to remove their shoes, traipsing in a trail of muddy footprints throughout the house. Or of course, the four-legged friend will simply dash through the door before giving you the chance to wipe them clean.

Always ensure you leave the mud to dry before beginning to pick it up. Apply ACE Stain Remover to the affected carpet, leave for 15 minutes and then dab dry with a clean cloth.



With an endless supply of chocolate coins, advent calendars, selection boxes and so on, chocolate is always accessible and has a habit of getting squished on your clothes. If this happens, we have some easy to follow steps to efficiently remove the chocolate smears. All you need is a freezer, some milk, washing up liquid and of course ACE for Colours!



No Christmas lunch is complete without lashings of flavoursome gravy…until it splats on your light-coloured blouse, tablecloth or carpet! Gravy is a combination stain because it contains both protein and grease. The best way to remove it is by sticking it into a normal wash (with a capful of ACE for Colours or ACE for Whites depending on the item colour) as soon as possible. For those stubborn stains, soak in a bowl full of hot water for 15 minutes with a capful of the ACE. You can watch a video tutorial here for more details.

For gravy stains which have made their way onto your carpet or sofa, sprinkle them with an absorbent powder such as baking powder. Leave for 15 minutes and then hoover.


Cranberry sauce

Ruby red is certainly a colour that represents Christmas, though cranberry sauce’s vibrant colour means it’s a real culprit for staining the carpet and clothes. As soon as the stain is spotted, remove excess sauce by using the back of a spoon or dabbing with a clean, dry cloth. Flush the stain with cool water and spray with ACE Stain Remover. Leave for 10-15 minutes and wipe away. If it is a clothing item, pop into a wash as normal.


Paints / Glitter

Despite all the brand new toys and games Santa Claus will have delivered the boys and girls, they will still need lots of fun things to do to entertain them. Arts and crafts are a naturally perfect way to keep them occupied. However, with all the wonderful glitter and colour comes the threat of it being splattered around the house, including your clothes, curtains and carpets. Apply ACE Stain Remover to the various spots and leave to work for approximately 15 minutes. Once wiped away, rinse and wash as normal.


Christmas is a time to come together with family and friends. Ensure you have a bottle of ACE tucked away in the laundry cupboard to remove those accidental splashes that may occur; leaving you to relax and enjoy Christmas just the way it was intended.

Do you have any tried and tested ways to remove common Christmas stains? Do share with us at @ACECLEANUK on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.


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