With ACE, Summer Stain Removal Never Looked So Good

27/04/2017 - Stain Removal Tips

Summer is coming up and we all know what that means – colourful clothes and showing more skin. Though the sun and the heat are a blessing, what comes with preparing to look just right is hours of prep and a plethora of sun creams and fake tans that fill your bathroom cabinet – and stain your clothes.

You may find yourself thinking that it’s time to pull out the fake tan (because who has time to get a real tan?) and you prepare your bed ready for the overnight struggle that is being plastered in thick, biscuit-smelling product. You’ve lathered the product on and you’re ready to be a glowing, digestive-smelling celestial being in the morning.

When you awake in the morning you find that everything you’ve touched is now a questionable chocolatey colour – the towel you laid, the pillow you slept on, the right arm of your significant other and even your pet who insists on sleeping on the bed is now also glowing divinely.

With ACE there is no need to have a ‘tanning’ bed sheet or towel that is prepared to be continually soiled by your summer glow – simply pick your normal white towel (yes, you heard that right!) and use it as your tanning bed for the night. Once it looks like it’s just come back from a week in Crete, soak it in a lovely bath of ACE For Whites ready to send it on its journey toward cleanliness.

Once soaked and thoroughly washed, watch the tan stains disappear from your linens, much like the sun as soon as you step outside for the barbecue you so carefully tanned for. When you get home, after gorging on chicken wings, you realise that your tanning venture spread itself to the bathroom floor also. Panic strikes when your partner asks if they can use the bathroom, but luckily you have ACE Power Mousse that has your bathroom floor cleaner than ever before and has you questioning when the last time you cleaned your floor was.

AH – the bane of summer that is impossible to avoid, sun cream. A necessity for all who have skin. Though sun cream protects your skin, it’s safe to say that no fabric is safe from the grips of the yellow oil slick that consumes the collar and sleeves of your clothes if even a drop of the stuff gets onto them. Coloured clothes look as though you’ve dropped your barbecue food down them and white clothes look tea-stained, much like the time you were rushing to your morning meeting with your freshly brewed cuppa in your hand and tripped over the bins – sigh.

Washing detergent alone can further smear greasy stains – so you bring out the big guns. The labels are checked – you will not be repeating the time you destroyed your ‘dry clean only’ suit the day before your big interview – these clothes are ready for the washing machine. ACE is sitting on your side and your clothes have been pre-treated. Once taken from the washing machine, you find that ACE For Colours has showered your brightly coloured load and left it radiant to match your lovely tan. ACE For Whites has left your white load sparkling.

ACE provides you with the opportunity to be one of those fabulous Instagram models that always looks right and never has any stains from small children, pets or dropping food on their laps at family gatherings. You can now go to the beach with your loved ones, smother them head-to-toe in sun cream, safe in the knowledge that the stains will be gone with the power of ACE. You can happily forget the stains, and keep the memories.

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